December Keto Krate

In October I subscribed to Keto Krate as a way to discover and try new low carb goodies.  So far it’s been great and last month I ordered more of at least half of what came in the Krate.  I’m looking forward to trying the things that came this month.

As I try each item, I’ll add flavor reviews.  Each image currently has carb counts.

December Keto Krate Goodies


Keto Carne Original Recipe Beef Jerky – 0 carbs per oz


I ended up giving this to my aunt, who also does low carb/paleo.  I can’t really do spicy and didn’t want to open it to try just to have it go to waste.  If she gets back to me on it, I’ll share her thoughts.

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo – 0 net carbs per tablespoon

Now this is chocolate.  Very milk-chocolate flavor, with a dark chocolate undertone, and nice and creamy.  It even melts in your mouth as you eat it, which dark doesn’t really do.  Half a bar is a serving but there’s 5 rows of 3 so not too easy to halve.  I ate two rows and was satisfied.

Coco Polo Milk Chocolate – 5 net carbs for 1/2 bar

These are a great chip substitute.  I ate them with some queso on New Year’s Eve and didn’t feel like I was missing out at all.  They likely have other flavors but this one was pretty good and very flavorful.

Foods Alive Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers – 4 net carbs for 5 crackers, 4 servings per bag

My brother actually really liked these.  I thought they had good flavor also.  I’ve heard a lot about the “cooling effect” caused by some sweeteners and hadn’t experienced it until now, they definitely feel like you’re having a mint along with the snickerdoodle flavor.  My brother thought it was on purpose and liked that about them but I didn’t really care for it.

Good Dee’s Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix – 12 cookies, 2 net carbs/cookie

This was pretty good.  The overall flavor is of the caramel, you don’t really notice the nuts other than a little crunchiness.  The chocolate reminds me more of chocolate flavoring, like the chocolate in Sixlets or knock-off M&Ms.  In general, I like ChocoRite’s offerings and have bought several of their flavors.  They have a good milk chocolate and the peanut butter and crispy bars are both really good.

ChocoRite Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters – 2 net carbs/package
Info Sheet – Left


Info Sheet – Right


Food Log, Sunday 12.18.16

I slept in until after 11am after being up super late last night.  I wasn’t hungry when I woke so I fasted for a bit and ate breakfast in the early afternoon.  With low carb / keto, the point is being in ketosis, where the body gets energy from burning fat rather than your food (carbs and sugar) so the longer you can go without eating, the more fat that will burn.  It’s important to still drink plenty of water during that time though, as I ended up dehydrated and in the ER once due to the lightheadedness from not getting enough.  Plus all the water helps flush out the ketones.



I started the day with some eggs, cooked over well (over easy but yolks completely cooked) and a couple of slices of canadian bacon.  It was pretty good and 0 carbs.  Also, I cooked them in butter, which helps increase the fat intake.



These pimento cheese wraps were so good that I had them again today as a snack.  I forgot to take a picture so the one below is from yesterday.  The only difference is that I spread mayo on the meat before adding the pimento to up the fat content so this came out to only 1 carb, from the pimento cheese spread.


I’ve been fighting some really strong pizza cravings this weekend.  There are a lot of really low carb pizza crust options and many recipes but I’m working hard to keep the carb count low and the fat count high.  I decided to instead bake some mozzarella into these little cheese chips with pepperoni added on top.  I’d have preferred to dip them into pizza sauce or marinara but dipped them in ranch instead as the carb and fat counts were much better on it.  With it being mozzarella, which is a softer cheese, they didn’t get completely crunchy but were still pretty good.  I also had a glass of unsweet tea that I added EX-Sweetz to as a sweetener.  Altogether this came to 2 carbs, both from the ranch dressing (full fat).




As you can see above, my eating this past week has gradually pushed me up almost 3 pounds and put me back in weight starting with 2 (booo!).  In a way this was good as it definitely motivated me on refocusing on my eating and the high water and fat intakes.  If you look at the macros screenshot above, you’ll see I got it almost perfect (think that’s the closest I’ve gotten) in the percentages so I was quite pleased with that.

Looking Forward

I’ve already packed my food for tomorrow, a serving of the Crack Slaw for lunch and a 1 oz cheese snack.  I will also make a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning as it’s supposed to be REALLY cold.  Since the Crack Slaw already has 10 carbs, my main focus will be getting in the fat and keeping down the carbs in my other meals.

Food Log, Saturday 12.17.16


I woke up really late so this breakfast was technically eaten at lunchtime.  LC Foods has some nice bread options and these bagels look more like rolls but really hit the spot with some peanut butter added.  I almost added some butter since I need to work on keeping my fat counts up but I didn’t, just spread the peanut butter on.  It was quite tasty and came out to 13 total carbs but only 5.5 net carbs once the fiber from each item was subtracted. The flavored water is 0 carbs but I’m working on cutting back on that as well.



There were still a few leftovers from Wednesday’s work holiday party so I combined that with a bowl of “beef stew” that a coworker made and gave to me in return for sharing my low carb dishes with her.  I added a slice of cheese to the turkey to help combat the dryness so it wasn’t that bad.  Since I didn’t make any of this, I just had to find the best matches possible in My Fitness Pal (MFP) so the meal came out to 2 total carbs with the entries I chose.  The salad was just broccoli and cauliflower with meat and cheese with light ranch dressing.  Due to that and the carrots in the stew, I’m sure there were more than 2 carbs in the meal despite what MFP said.



Since I was up so late doing my finals, I had this snack late in the day.  It’s just pimento cheese (1 carb for 2 T) rolled up in a slice of turkey lunchmeat and is pretty good.  This only came out to 1 carb total.


I did a good job in keeping my carbs down but still had too much protein and not enough fat so I’ll continue to work on that.  Overall not a bad day, with 16g total carbs, well under 20, and around 8.5 net carbs based on my math.  Again, the carbs for both were likely higher from the veggies at dinner.


Food Log, Friday 12.16.16


When I got to work this morning, I got a Ham and Cheddar Omelette and a cup of coffee.  At my desk, I added some low carb sweetener and a BulletProof InstaPack to make my Bulletproof Coffee.  If you look at the My Fitness Pal (MFP) screenshot, you’d only see the omelette because the coffee tasted awful; I took maybe 5 sips while eating and just couldn’t do it.  Since I got it from the cafeteria at work, they’re not exactly listed in MFP so I found the best match, which came in at 4 carbs.  That’s the hard thing about eating “out”, if I didn’t make it, it’s hard to know what went in it.

Ham and Cheese Omelette



I worked from home yesterday but at work they had a holiday party for the whole office (the one we had Wed. was just for our division).  I didn’t want to pay $20 to go in on my days to work from home for a bunch of food I probably couldn’t eat.  Well, I was right on that last count as there was a ton left over and they put it out today.  The only thing I could have (among the wings and meatballs with sauce, cucumbers with tuna salad, and at least 8 different cakes) were these sandwiches, if I just ate the middle without the bread.  Technically, the cucumbers with tuna salad were probably low carb but I don’t like cucumber and the sauce on the wings and meatballs likely had added sugar.  So lunchmeat with a tiny bit of lettuce and tiny piece of cheese were my lunch; I was still full from the omelette so that was okay.  Again, not making it I don’t know what went into it so I picked the best matches I could find and came out around 3 carbs.

Ham and Swiss



By mid-afternoon, all the cakes and cookies and candies and cupcakes were getting to me.  I ate the string cheese I had brought and then broke down and had half of a Lily’s chocolate bar, which is one serving.  The Lily’s are sweetened with Stevia so they are fairly low carb.  The two together came to 4 carbs (1 from the cheese and 3 from chocolate).

Lily’s and String Cheese




Leaving work my downfall began.  There was still some perishable food (the meats) and I was told to bring it home for my brother.  I condensed the cake into one container to leave there in the fridge and one little chunk of chocolate fell off.  Before I could even reason with myself, I popped it in my mouth and it was sooooo good.  I got it all put away and brought home the meats.

I stopped at Home Depot and Taco Casa is in their parking lot so I got a Taco Salad and 2 bean burritos, one for me and one for my brother, since I had all that other food for him.  I got home and just had the salad, without the shell, all good.  That sweet tooth kicked in so I ate about 4 of the Avalanche cookies I had made, as I’d had to take them out to make room for the new foods.  Once my brother got up (he works nights) and was eating his bean burrito, I had to have that other one.  That of course turned out to be my highest carb item of the day.  So my dinner carbs came out to 56, 46 of which are from the burrito.  Eleven of those carbs are fiber, which brings the net down to 35 but that’s still a lot higher than I should be.  Also, my Taco Salad (without shell) comes in at 10 carbs but that’s with beans which I had left off, so the salad should be significantly less than 10 carbs as well.



More Snacks

I already discussed the snacks above.  Here I’ll note that they came to 38 total carbs (afternoon and evening snacks together) and about 10 of those were fiber, so they were around 28 total carbs, 15 from the chocolate cake and 18 (10 net) from the Avalanche cookies.


Today was a perfect illustration of why I abstain from carbs altogether as it only takes a little to trigger a lot, especially when you struggle with self control anyway, like I do.  They say each person has a certain amount of control in them and it can be used up through the day, which is why we so often give into cravings at night, there’s just no resistance left.  I’ve been resisting cake and desserts and bread really hard this week, with the Wed. party and then it being everywhere today and I just ran out.  An impulse decision to have a little taste just became a whole chain of “oh, well”.  I wish I’d looked up the cake earlier to see that such a little piece didn’t really do that much damage and I may have skipped the burrito, which did much more damage.

Looking Forward

Tomorrow is a new day and I can start over.  Having eaten so many carbs today, I’ve likely been bumped out of ketosis (where your body is burning fat for energy instead of using your food) so will work tomorrow to get back in it, meaning pickle and some eggs (not together).  I also have both of my finals to do tomorrow so that will be a majority of my day.



Today was my holiday party at work and we also had an all-staff meeting for the whole morning.  Partway through we had provided breakfast.  I had a chorizo and egg breakfast taco from Taco Cabana and only ate out the filling, not the tortilla.  I also had two strawberries, which were a real treat.



For lunch we had a pot-luck with a salad theme so luckily there were a lot of low carb options to choose from.  I had Cesar salad, tuna salad, chicken, ham, and turkey, some cheese, and a nice broccoli and cauliflower salad someone made.  I also had a Bai coconut water, so good and only 2 carbs.



I made a low carb version of these Avalanche Cookies for the party and didn’t have any then but brought these home.  I had two this evening and they were really good.  I’m not a fan of raw marshmallow and barely noticed.  These cookies received rave reviews from my coworkers, hearing some comments of “These are good, who made them?” and then surprise when I said I had and that they were low carb.





For breakfast I had a BulletProof Coffee (BPC) within an hour of waking.  For those who don’t know, BPC is plain coffee to which you add butter (preferably grass-fed) and coconut oil (or MCT oil).  I also add a little sweetener to mine, usually flavored liquid stevia.  Today I added some chocolate flavored stevia and some Torani sugar-free caramel syrup, which made it almost too sweet.  Once you’ve added everything, you blend it up and it becomes the creamy goodness you see below.  Since this is low-carb, all of that (those good fats) come to just .5 carbs, which was from the Torani syrup.

Bulletproof Coffee



The BPC is so filling that I didn’t eat again until around 2pm.  I heated up a serving of the Crack Slaw, aka Egg Roll in a Bowl, I made on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a lot of carbs for not much food, with 12 total carbs; 3 of those are fiber, so this came out to 9 net carbs.  It’s sure tasty though.



When I got off work, not long after my lunch, I splurged on a couple of these Avalanche Cookies I made for yesterday’s holiday party at work.  These are about 3 net carbs per serving, and these were both small, so I counted it as 1.5 servings which came to just under 5 carbs for the snack.  The link is to a traditional recipe that I modified to make it low carb.



I just ate dinner a bit ago, around 7pm, and had a serving of the Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake that I made Tue. night.  This is my first time having it as a leftover and it was pretty good and held up well.  A serving of this is 8 total carbs and just under 7 net carbs.  Most of the carbs came from the store-bought pesto so I’ll make my own if I use pesto again.




Below are my macros for today.  You can see that I did have too many carbs, even if you only count net carbs, as there wasn’t much difference between the two.  In all, I think it was an okay day and I still have plenty of servings of these meals so this trend will likely continue into next week.  As I worked from home and was super busy, I didn’t get hardly any steps but I go into the office tomorrow so that should be a lot higher tomorrow.


Looking Forward

Tomorrow I am going into the office and am planning on taking the train.  Some coworkers and I will be going out for lunch so I’m going to try and have either BPC or some eggs for breakfast to keep the carbs down.  Depending on where we go and what I can order, I may have to make something for dinner too but will plan to eat another leftover dish.