Today was my holiday party at work and we also had an all-staff meeting for the whole morning.  Partway through we had provided breakfast.  I had a chorizo and egg breakfast taco from Taco Cabana and only ate out the filling, not the tortilla.  I also had two strawberries, which were a real treat.



For lunch we had a pot-luck with a salad theme so luckily there were a lot of low carb options to choose from.  I had Cesar salad, tuna salad, chicken, ham, and turkey, some cheese, and a nice broccoli and cauliflower salad someone made.  I also had a Bai coconut water, so good and only 2 carbs.



I made a low carb version of these Avalanche Cookies for the party and didn’t have any then but brought these home.  I had two this evening and they were really good.  I’m not a fan of raw marshmallow and barely noticed.  These cookies received rave reviews from my coworkers, hearing some comments of “These are good, who made them?” and then surprise when I said I had and that they were low carb.