For breakfast I had a BulletProof Coffee (BPC) within an hour of waking.  For those who don’t know, BPC is plain coffee to which you add butter (preferably grass-fed) and coconut oil (or MCT oil).  I also add a little sweetener to mine, usually flavored liquid stevia.  Today I added some chocolate flavored stevia and some Torani sugar-free caramel syrup, which made it almost too sweet.  Once you’ve added everything, you blend it up and it becomes the creamy goodness you see below.  Since this is low-carb, all of that (those good fats) come to just .5 carbs, which was from the Torani syrup.

Bulletproof Coffee



The BPC is so filling that I didn’t eat again until around 2pm.  I heated up a serving of the Crack Slaw, aka Egg Roll in a Bowl, I made on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a lot of carbs for not much food, with 12 total carbs; 3 of those are fiber, so this came out to 9 net carbs.  It’s sure tasty though.



When I got off work, not long after my lunch, I splurged on a couple of these Avalanche Cookies I made for yesterday’s holiday party at work.  These are about 3 net carbs per serving, and these were both small, so I counted it as 1.5 servings which came to just under 5 carbs for the snack.  The link is to a traditional recipe that I modified to make it low carb.



I just ate dinner a bit ago, around 7pm, and had a serving of the Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake that I made Tue. night.  This is my first time having it as a leftover and it was pretty good and held up well.  A serving of this is 8 total carbs and just under 7 net carbs.  Most of the carbs came from the store-bought pesto so I’ll make my own if I use pesto again.




Below are my macros for today.  You can see that I did have too many carbs, even if you only count net carbs, as there wasn’t much difference between the two.  In all, I think it was an okay day and I still have plenty of servings of these meals so this trend will likely continue into next week.  As I worked from home and was super busy, I didn’t get hardly any steps but I go into the office tomorrow so that should be a lot higher tomorrow.


Looking Forward

Tomorrow I am going into the office and am planning on taking the train.  Some coworkers and I will be going out for lunch so I’m going to try and have either BPC or some eggs for breakfast to keep the carbs down.  Depending on where we go and what I can order, I may have to make something for dinner too but will plan to eat another leftover dish.