Food Log, Saturday 12.17.16


I woke up really late so this breakfast was technically eaten at lunchtime.  LC Foods has some nice bread options and these bagels look more like rolls but really hit the spot with some peanut butter added.  I almost added some butter since I need to work on keeping my fat counts up but I didn’t, just spread the peanut butter on.  It was quite tasty and came out to 13 total carbs but only 5.5 net carbs once the fiber from each item was subtracted. The flavored water is 0 carbs but I’m working on cutting back on that as well.



There were still a few leftovers from Wednesday’s work holiday party so I combined that with a bowl of “beef stew” that a coworker made and gave to me in return for sharing my low carb dishes with her.  I added a slice of cheese to the turkey to help combat the dryness so it wasn’t that bad.  Since I didn’t make any of this, I just had to find the best matches possible in My Fitness Pal (MFP) so the meal came out to 2 total carbs with the entries I chose.  The salad was just broccoli and cauliflower with meat and cheese with light ranch dressing.  Due to that and the carrots in the stew, I’m sure there were more than 2 carbs in the meal despite what MFP said.



Since I was up so late doing my finals, I had this snack late in the day.  It’s just pimento cheese (1 carb for 2 T) rolled up in a slice of turkey lunchmeat and is pretty good.  This only came out to 1 carb total.


I did a good job in keeping my carbs down but still had too much protein and not enough fat so I’ll continue to work on that.  Overall not a bad day, with 16g total carbs, well under 20, and around 8.5 net carbs based on my math.  Again, the carbs for both were likely higher from the veggies at dinner.