Food Log, Sunday 12.18.16

I slept in until after 11am after being up super late last night.  I wasn’t hungry when I woke so I fasted for a bit and ate breakfast in the early afternoon.  With low carb / keto, the point is being in ketosis, where the body gets energy from burning fat rather than your food (carbs and sugar) so the longer you can go without eating, the more fat that will burn.  It’s important to still drink plenty of water during that time though, as I ended up dehydrated and in the ER once due to the lightheadedness from not getting enough.  Plus all the water helps flush out the ketones.



I started the day with some eggs, cooked over well (over easy but yolks completely cooked) and a couple of slices of canadian bacon.  It was pretty good and 0 carbs.  Also, I cooked them in butter, which helps increase the fat intake.



These pimento cheese wraps were so good that I had them again today as a snack.  I forgot to take a picture so the one below is from yesterday.  The only difference is that I spread mayo on the meat before adding the pimento to up the fat content so this came out to only 1 carb, from the pimento cheese spread.


I’ve been fighting some really strong pizza cravings this weekend.  There are a lot of really low carb pizza crust options and many recipes but I’m working hard to keep the carb count low and the fat count high.  I decided to instead bake some mozzarella into these little cheese chips with pepperoni added on top.  I’d have preferred to dip them into pizza sauce or marinara but dipped them in ranch instead as the carb and fat counts were much better on it.  With it being mozzarella, which is a softer cheese, they didn’t get completely crunchy but were still pretty good.  I also had a glass of unsweet tea that I added EX-Sweetz to as a sweetener.  Altogether this came to 2 carbs, both from the ranch dressing (full fat).




As you can see above, my eating this past week has gradually pushed me up almost 3 pounds and put me back in weight starting with 2 (booo!).  In a way this was good as it definitely motivated me on refocusing on my eating and the high water and fat intakes.  If you look at the macros screenshot above, you’ll see I got it almost perfect (think that’s the closest I’ve gotten) in the percentages so I was quite pleased with that.

Looking Forward

I’ve already packed my food for tomorrow, a serving of the Crack Slaw for lunch and a 1 oz cheese snack.  I will also make a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning as it’s supposed to be REALLY cold.  Since the Crack Slaw already has 10 carbs, my main focus will be getting in the fat and keeping down the carbs in my other meals.