January Keto Krate

Maybe it’s because it’s January and there’s lots of New Year Resolution members, but I have to say this Keto Krate is the best one yet.  I was quite thrilled with everything in it and the box was fully packed, hardly any paper stuffing at all.

As before, I’ll go ahead and add info on each product for now and will add reviews as I try things.  I want to try everything at once so those reviews will likely come pretty quick.

Keto and Co. Chocolate Brownie Mix

This month’s featured product in the box.  According to the blurb, this is a new company with a wide variety of low-carb or keto versions of what you’ve had to give up when you joined this WOE.  Personally I feel like this one is a bit misleading as it shows real big on the front that it’s only 1.3 net carbs, but that’s for 100 calories.  The nutrition label shows the mix makes 9 brownies at 230 calories each so it’s really about 6 total and 3 net carbs per brownie.  That’s still really good and they could’ve just said that.  This mix retails for $11.49 and can be found at Ketoand.co along with their other products.

I have to say I wasn’t really a fan of this mix.  The resulting brownies are a bit dense and the sweetener gives a different taste/aftertaste.  In general they’re chocolaty and sweet but not something I’d go out of my way to purchase over making it from scratch.  I did have it with Halo Top ice cream and that was pretty good.



Pork Clouds Malabar Black Pepper

I’ve heard of the Pork Clouds brand and have been interested in trying them for some time but they always seemed a bit pricey, mostly because I only see them on Amazon and to get a sampler of multiple flavors really adds us.  While black pepper isn’t the first flavor I’d have chosen, I’m still really excited to try these out.  Each 1/2 oz. serving is 0 total and net carbs and there are 4 servings in this 4 oz. bag.  A bag retails for $4 ad BaconsHeir.com (awesome company name).

I finally tried these and was pleased that the pepper wasn’t overpowering.  On the other hand, they’re basically just pork rinds and I didn’t identify anything special over the cheap ones I can get at the store except being a little finer.  I used these as chips with a white queso dip and they were the perfect snack.  While I might not spend the extra to but these special, I definitely wouldn’t turn them down.



Braaitime Droewors

I was really excited to see another Droewors product; they had the Ayoba Yo meat sticks in a previous Krate and I’ve been buying them ever since.  I was happy with the Dried Beef Sausage flavor until I saw the included card said Chorizo, so now I’m envious of those that got the Chorizo flavor.  The flavor I got is 1 total and net carb per oz. and there are 2 oz. in the bag, so half a bag is only 1 carb.  These retail for $7 at Braaitime.com.

I’ve previously had the Ayoba Yo Droewors from an earlier Keto Krate and these tasted just the same to me.  I didn’t detect any sausage flavor, mostly just a savory beef flavor.  I did end up tasting it most of the night afterwards as well.  In my opinion, the Ayoba Yo ones were much easier to eat and these were a bit tougher (although still not as tough as actual jerky).  Also, these came in at .5 carb per stick where the Ayoba Yo brand is 0 carbs per stick (if I remember correctly).



Seabear Wild Alaskan King Salmon Jerky

I’d never even heard of salmon jerky so this was a real surprise.  It’s in a resealable pack, which is nice.  Definitely going to try this soon and there was also a flier where you can get more free with a large enough purchase, which shouldn’t be hard to do; another perk of Keto Krate.  This is <1 total/net carb per oz. and only 1.25 oz. in the package so I’m guessing about 1 carb for the whole thing.  These retail for $7.99 at SeaBear.com.

I tried these today and didn’t think they were too bad.  They’re a bit harder than I expected, you definitely have to chew them like jerky, and didn’t have much of a fishy taste to me.  Overall they just tasted like jerky.



Innocent Chocolate Chocolate Bar

Another surprise brand I’d never heard of and the claims on the front of the package are interesting.  The info sheet adds that 100% of profits are shared with EarthCorp Foundation for environmental preservation, which is another reason to buy.  The nutrition label was a little confusing with 7 total carbs but 7 fiber and 4 sugar alcohols (which is more than total carbs but I’m guessing they didn’t count the sugar alcohols toward the total) but it ultimately comes out to 0 net carbs for half of the bar.  The info sheet also says shakes and puddings coming soon, so definitely one to watch.  These retail for $4.99 at InnocentChocolate.com.

Chocolate would have to be the first thing I try from the Krate.  It is a very good dark chocolate.  It’s quite hard, almost difficult to bite, and very dark.  Their website shows lots of promising new items coming, including a 66% cocoa and snack size bars, that I’m excited to try.



LC Foods Snack Pack

Keto Krate has included LC Foods snack packs before and after last time I purchased a wide variety of their products so I can personally vouch for these snack packs and bread (the multigrain loaf is just like real bread, awesome).  I have a few mixes I still need to try but they have a ton of great low carb options.  The info sheet said this should’ve been Chocolate Covered Pecans, which I would have preferred over the Spicy Pepitas & Jack Cheese simply because I’m sensitive to spicy stuff.  I’ve tried their other snack packs like this and the dried cheese really adds a savory element to it so hopefully this isn’t too spicy and I can eat it.  This is 3.5 total and 2 net carbs for a half of the package (with others, it has been pretty filling and I have been able to stop after just half the pack and not eat the whole thing).  These are $2.50 and can be found at HoldTheCarbs.com along with lots of other items.

I was pleased that these were not too spicy for me to eat.  They definitely had a kick to them and my lips were warm for a good time after but I was able to eat half of the package, one serving.  I gave the other half to a coworker and she thought they were good as well.  Again, the dried cheese included in these just give them that extra boost in flavor, they’re great.


Xyloburst Grape Fruit Sours

The first time I’ve seen mints/candy featured since joining but according to the info sheet these do not have any sucralose, maltitol, or aspartame and are only sweetened with xylitol.  They also offer xylitol sweetened gum, lollipops, and jams.  These are 0 net carbs for 2 pieces and there are 50 2-piece servings in the tin.  They retail for $3.59 at FocusNutrition.com

These were not what I was expecting but were still good.  They definitely had a grape flavor but were crumbly and just melted away in your mouth, while I was expecting to crunch them like a mint.  They were a nice, fresh treat though.


Keto Krate Info Sheet

Here they include a little blurb about each item along with the price and website.  A new feature I really like is that on the back they’ve included a recipe you can make with some of the items included in your Krate, really cool.