Jan. 23, 2017


Once I arrived at work today, I had an order of bacon and a large coffee to which I added a FatCoffee packet to make it a BulletProof Coffee.  Yummy breakfast.



Snack Pt. 1

I received these Fruit Sours in my most recent Keto Krate and finally tried them.  They dissolved in your mouth almost instantly but did have a good flavor and were refreshing.




For lunch I had a serving of Crack Slaw that I had previously made and frozen.  Still tasted just as good as fresh and has held up to freezing very well.



Snack Pt. 2

In the mid-afternoon I was really craving some sweets so I had this stick cheese instead.  A little warm but still good.




My brother has always loved this recipe of ground meat and egg noodles in a mushroom soup sauce.  I’d purchased some lower carb noodles (that really aren’t that low carb) and made it for him.  He said it was just the same as the original.  I thought it was good too but way too many carbs for me.



Snack Pt. 3 & 4

Apparently the cheese didn’t help my sweet craving so I caved this evening.  I had a Crispy Rice ChocoRite bar, which I think is one of my favorites.  A few hours later, I had the idea of sprinkling some Lily’s chocolate chips into the peanut butter and eating them that way.  I quite enjoyed it but managed to keep it to one serving of PB and half a serving of chocolate chips.




Daily Reflection

My steps and exercise were great today but that was about it.  My carbs came out super high and my macros are also quite out of whack, especially the carbs and protein.  My Fitness Pal (MFP) has my total carbs at 59, which isn’t too high above my preferred 50 but still more than I like.  On top of that, my net carbs came to 37; while a lot closer than 59, this is still a bit above my goal of 20 max.

My goal tomorrow is to cut the sweets back.  I would try to get more activity in, as it’s a day I work from home, but I have a doctor’s appointment right after work so I know I won’t get in as much as I’d like.

I have plenty of leftovers so that’s likely what I’ll be eating tomorrow for lunch but may get something for dinner since I’ll be out around that time.