Jan. 24, 2017


I actually stayed up late watching a movie with my brother to get in some quality time so this was a late-night snack and I forgot to take a picture.  All I did was eat a chunk of cheese and some bacon, great snack.



My brother had errands to run and brought me back a double cheeseburger from a local restaurant called Griff’s.  They’re not in My Fitness Pal so I used the closest match.  The nice thing about a double cheeseburger is that you can sandwich the toppings between the two meats and eat it as a sandwich that way, as illustrated in the second picture.  I didn’t eat the bun.



Snack Pts. 1 & 2

Mid- afternoon my brother was vaping and has a flavor called Strawberries and Cream that smells just like white chocolate with strawberry bits, so yummy.  That set off the sugar craving again so I had these Vanilla Cluster ChocoRite candies (1 net carb per candy but 2 in a package) and followed it not too long after with the peanut butter topped with Lily’s chocolate chips again.  I ate more if it this time and ended up being a bit full and miserable by the time I was done.




After my Dr. appt. I stopped at Jason’s Deli and got my brother his favorite sandwich and myself a salad.  Upon returning home I looked it up and a small is over 20 carbs with a regular being over 50.  Darned if I can tell on what as avocados I know have more but can’t have that much and everything else was lettuce, tomatoes, or chicken.  I went ahead and only ate half but counted it as a small as I’m assuming I got the regular size.  It’s so frustrating when you make choices thinking you are being good but it’s the exact opposite.




Snack Pt. 3

Earlier in the day I had gotten a Cinnamon Cookie by Thin Slim foods from the freezer to thaw so I had that after dinner.  I barely tasted any cinnamon and it was very thick and had a strange consistency.  I was not a fan and wouldn’t but this again.







Daily Reflection

I wouldn’t have thought it possible but today was worse than yesterday and the sweet tooth continued unabated.  I didn’t get in near the exercise as I should have and my carbs came to 59 total again (and that’s with the chocorite and cookie scanning as net carbs so the total is really higher than that).  My macros aren’t as far off as they were yesterday so that’s a silver lining.  After subtracting the fiber, the net carbs still came to 52, which is dreadful.  The salad, made mostly of lettuce, only came in as 1 gram of fiber, which seems terribly underestimated to me.

My goal is to do better tomorrow.  I’ll be in the office so I know my exercise will be better and I won’t take any sweet snacks so I’ll at least be good while I’m there.  Hopefully the sweet tooth won’t pressure me into bad choices again.