Jan. 25, 2017


I rarely go to Starbucks but I’ve seen a few posts about them lately and decided to give it a shot, plus I had a gift card.  I ordered a “Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Light Frappucino with half water and half heavy cream” and am not positive if that’s what I actually got but it did have a sweet cinnamon flavor and tasted good.  I found the best match I could on My Fitness Pal and it came to 14 carbs although I don’t know how accurate that is to what I ordered or what I got.  I’d also heard of these new Sous Vide Egg Bites and they were on the board so I got the Bacon & Gruyere flavor; they come in a pair and were 9 carbs for both; not great but not too bad.  They had a nice flavor but I wasn’t huge on the texture.




My morning was crazy, not long after the Starbucks trip our whole building (all 12 floors) had a fire drill, so that took most of the next hour.  We then had to play catch-up on our work and I had a lot of people either coming or calling me so I didn’t eat until almost 1:00.  I had taken a serving of the Broccoli Rice Casserole (nice and low carb) and had a Bai Coconut water with it real quick before my next meeting.



Snack Pt. 1

It was after 3 before I decided to have a snack.  I had the string cheese first and ate one serving (half the bag) of the snack mix mostly to try it.  It had a good flavor but was a bit spicy for my taste.  I did eat the full serving but it was toasty; I gave the other half to a coworker and she thought it was good too.  The cheese in these mixes really enhances it and gives it a savory flavor.



I wasn’t too hungry when I got home and didn’t want anything in the fridge or freezer.  After a bit, I saw pizza on the TV and remembered I had those Good Pizzas in the freezer.  I’ve had the supreme but not the pepperoni so I got one out.  I’ve found that if I microwave to directions the middles stay frozen so I heat about a minute and then cut it into quarters so I can separate it and it’ll cook more evenly.  It was pretty good and I enjoyed it.


Snack Pt. 2

After a bit, the sweet tooth got me so I got a Chocorite Chocolate Peanut Butter bar and added more peanut butter to it; it was really good.  I then had a little more peanut butter to make a serving.  I think the peanut butter is becoming a problem and I probably need to hide it.




Daily Reflection

You really can tell the days I go into the office.  I did great on steps and floors and everything; I’m actually surprised it isn’t higher considering my walk to Starbucks and the fire drill, where we have to cross the street and go down a block.  My carbs came in really high, at 53g total carbs, mostly from the two Starbucks items so my carb % came out way too high and my fat was too low so I guess I should stick to my BulletProof coffee (BPC).  Once I remove all the fiber, my net carbs come to 43, which is again a lot higher than my goal of 20.

Luckily, I work from home the next two days and then have the weekend to get back on track.  I think I’ll up my BPC and egg uptake and do a partial egg fast, having eggs for at least one meal and maybe two.  I still have leftovers from other recipes and a couple more I want to make so those will likely be my dinners for the next few days.