Jan. 26, 2017


I worked from home today so I fasted much of the morning and then started with a BulletProof Coffee (BPC)  Great, low carb start to the day.




BPC is so filling that I was tidied over until I got off work, at which point I made a Big Mac Casserole.  I’d cooked the ground meat on an earlier day so I only had to mix it with the cheese and dressing and bake it a bit.  Put that over some lettuce and you have a tasty salad that doesn’t feel like a salad.  I only made a half batch and between my brother and I, we polished it off pretty good (with only a half serving left) so I think I’ll make this again and a full batch next time.



With such a late lunch, my dinner was more of a snack, just some bacon and some sliced cheddar cheese.  Nothing fancy but tasty and 0 carbs.



I am miserably failing at breaking my peanut butter habit, especially once I realized how awesome it is with some chocolate.  It’s not terrible in the carb department and definitely helps with fats but I’ve found that I typically eat it just because I want it and not because I’m actually hungry so its additional carbs that I don’t actually need.






Daily Reflection

All in all today didn’t come out too badly.  My Fitness Pal recorded my total carbs at 26, which is close to my goal of 20 net carbs.  My fat percentage was a bit high and protein a bit low but at least the carbs were almost spot on.  Plus, most of those carbs came from the ChocoRite and the peanut butter so once I subtract the sugar alcohols and fiber, the net carbs are really only 12g, which is awesome.

As a bonus, I was good today and did go out and walk during my lunch break.  While it’s nowhere close to what I do the days I go into the office, it’s more than I usually get in so I’ll take it.

I’ll be in the office tomorrow and will take what’s left of the Big Mac Casserole for my lunch along with a snack and drink to get through the day.  I still need to figure out breakfast but otherwise I’m good for the day.