Jan. 27, 2017


I took the time this morning to bring in a BulletProof Coffee (BPC).  Since I drove in, I drank it on the way so it was a good, filling start to the morning.




For lunch, I brought what was left of the Big Mac Casserole I made yesterday.  I didn’t heat the Big Mac topping since it was already with the lettuce but it tasted just as good cold and stuck together in little clumps that made it easy to eat.  This recipe is already very low carb so eating just half of a serving made it even more so.



Snack Pt. 1

Since I had such a light lunch, I did eat the cheese I brought for my snack partway through the afternoon.




I left work a bit late so on the way home I stopped at Boston Market; they’re having a 2 for $20 deal right now, so I ordered two meals, drinks, and desserts.  My lucky brother got both of the desserts and I did enjoy my meal.  I especially like their creamed spinach and turkey.  It was a bit high in carbs so I really should have just eaten half, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.



Snack Pt. 2

So I fell victim again to the peanut butter chocolate combo of deliciousness.  Luckily, the jar is almost empty so I’m hoping that’ll keep me safe for a while.






Daily Reflection

My carbs came out a bit high today, at 34 total carbs.  Most of the carbs came from my dinner from Boston Market, particularly the sides (although I don’t know how green beans could have so many carbs even if 4 are fiber).  Once I subtract for fiber and such, though, I end up with 23.5 net carbs.

On the plus side, being in the office helped me get more steps in.  Since I drove, I didn’t get my usual from walking to and from the train station, just from walking in the building itself.  After our fire drill on Wednesday, my calves were a bit sore when taking the stairs again but it was good to stretch them out.

I’m planning on going out tomorrow evening but am not sure what else I’ll do the rest of the day so I’ll try to get in some walking while I can.