Jan. 28, 2017


I stayed up late Friday night so I had the final serving of the White Cheddar Sausage biscuits I made earlier this week.  Then, when I did get up, I had some bacon and a couple of slices of cheddar.



In the late afternoon, I had a serving of the Broccoli Rice casserole I made last weekend.



This evening I went out to a board game night and had a lot of fun but didn’t eat anything while there.  On the way home, I stopped at a Whataburger and got a double meat burger and diet soda.  This allowed me to use the two meat patties as buns but since the lettuce was in such small pieces, I just picked them up and ate one with each bite.






Daily Reflection

My total carbs came in at 26, which isn’t too bad, and most of that came from the white cheddar and sausage muffins.  Once I subtract the fiber, though, my net carbs came out to about 17, which is much better.

I put my FitBit on to charge early in the day and forgot to put it back on before I went out so my steps are a little low.  That said, I either stood or sat most of the time, not a lot of walking, so I don’t think I would have had much more than what was counted.