Jan. 29, 2017


After my late night, I slept in today and skipped breakfast.  For lunch, I rummaged through the fridge and found this leftover Christmas turkey I had pulled out of the freezer and the ends of the LC Foods bread I had sliced up.  I heated the bread and meat on a griddle, added mayo and cheese, and made one sandwich and one bread-less sandwich with just the mayo and cheese.  It was all pretty good but the bread did add a whole lot of total carbs (it was thick slices so I counted it as 2.5 slices to be safe) even if they’re only 1 net carb per slice due to all the fiber.




After such a big lunch, I didn’t eat again until late and finished off this jar of peanut butter with a few Lily’s chocolate chips sprinkled on top.  Technically, I also had a Bai Coconut water later on and forgot to add it, so that’s another 2 net carbs.





Daily Reflection

My total carbs came in high, at 33g, and were a bit high on the percentage too.  However, once the fiber is subtracted, the net carbs come to 13 (with the Bai counted).  Luckily, my peanut butter is gone and I’m free from that temptation moving forward.

I had a lot of homework to get done so I didn’t get much walking in.  I’m going into the office tomorrow so I know it’ll be better.