Feb. 10, 2017


I couldn’t sleep due to a headache so around 3am I had another of those canned coffees with vanilla added to get it down.  Then around 4am I decided to try the low carb Smaps cereal I had purchased a while ago, since I just got a carton of coconut milk.  They were dreadful, like eating mini packing peanuts and I could barely force myself to finish the bowl.  The have a maple flavoring for the first few chews of early bites and later spoons just had no flavoring at all.




Breakfast Pt. 2

I went to work early so by 8am I was hungry.  Luckily I’d brought some slices of bacon to tide me over.




It was a coworker’s birthday this week so we went to Jason’s Deli to celebrate.  My only real option was a salad and this Chef salad was pretty good and lower in carbs than previous options I’d gotten from there.  I would definitely order it again.




My coworkers all got ice cream and brownies as dessert at Jason’s Deli so by the afternoon, I was craving something sweet.  All my sugar free candy is gone but I have a couple boxes of Atkins bars, including the one below.  The other is similar to a Mounds bar so I wanted it but I’d not tried this one and decided to check it out.  It was actually really good and I quite enjoyed it.  When putting the boxes away I found a lone Strawberry Cream and had that as well.  I forgot to add that to My Fitness Pal until now so that was .3 net carbs.




My city is doing a health initiative and some local restaurants are joining by offering healthy options in their restaurants.  Our neighborhood is also supporting the initiative and the restaurants willing to participate by eating out in groups for the next few weeks.  I posted on NextDoor (great app by the way) and a group was going out tonight and invited me to join.  I basically got off the train and went straight there, there unfortunately being an Italian restaurant specializing in pizza and pasta.  I ordered the Chicken Niccola, which is basically thin chicken breast (not breaded) wrapped around some cheese and spinach.  It’s typically served on a bed of spaghetti with a brandy mushroom sauce.  I asked for it without the spaghetti and they offered to substitute vegetables and I happily accepted.  They served it with the sauce separate so it doesn’t look as appetizing but I was able to dip each bite into the sauce and it was delicious.  I couldn’t find this recipe in My Fitness Pal anywhere so I imported one I was able to find online.  I have no idea how accurate it was but depending on what was in the sauce it shouldn’t have been too bad.  Also, I only ate half of the chicken and vegetables and about a quarter of the sauce so that reduced carbs a lot too.



Snack Pt. 3

Since I had such an early dinner and have actually managed to stay up fairly late, I ended my day with some more peanut butter and chocolate with a diet (and caffeine free) cream soda.  This chocolate had crispy bits in it and was tasty, the soda was just okay.






Daily Reflection

My total carbs and their percentage of my calorie intake came in high today but considering the number of meals I ate, I’m not surprised.  With 45 total carbs minus the whopping 22g of fiber (mostly from that Atkins bar I expect) puts me at only 23g net carbs, which is really good.  It’s especially good considering I ate out for two of my meals, which is usually a disaster.

Another bright spot is going into the office really helped up my steps and distance covered, especially since we left the office for lunch and walked to the restaurant.  Honestly, I have no idea why my FitBit thinks I walked 28 floors as I’m pretty sure I didn’t even if you count the uphill walking I did.



As a side note, I’ve discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps, and the style I’m wearing is  Carmen Ombre.

Carmen Ombre