February Keto Krate

I was very excited to find February’s Keto Krate on my front porch this morning.  I was especially excited when I saw the new packaging on the outside as I knew they’d been working on a redesign.  The inside did not disappoint either.



Adapt Bar

The Adapt Chocolate Brownie bar was the featured item this month.  It is one net carb for the whole bar (info which is now included on the new info insert, yay) and the recipe on the back of the insert uses it in a yummy looking ice cream recipe that I might have to try.  They retail for $1.99 and can be found at www.adaptyourlife.com.


Grandpa’s Jerky – Original Cajun Jerky

The insert says original cajun but my package says cajun style mesquite, which I think sounds better although I’m concerned about cajun meaning spicy either way.  This is one net carb per serving, which is about 4 pieces or half the bag and retails for $11.  This and 6 other flavors can be found at grandpasjerky.net.

As expected, this was way too hot for me.  I took one bite and gave the rest to my brother.  I wasn’t impressed with the jerky itself, it’s in thin little strips and so tough I could barely bite off a piece.  Initially you taste the mesquite flavor, which is nice, but then the cajun kicks in and it gets pretty warm (it’s been a few minutes and I can still feel it).



Curly Girlz Candy – Coconut Macadamia Bites

This box of 4 candies looks delicious and, according to the insert, they have a whole line of sugar free candies and use natural ingredients when possible.  Two candies are only 1 net carb and there are 2 servings (so 4 candies) in a box (good thing they’re only 1 net carb per serving because I doubt I’ll be able to just eat two instead of all 4).  These can be found at curlygirlzcandy.com and retail for $8.99.

Of course I had to try these on day one.  They are basically chocolate covered caramels with little pieces of coconut and macadamia nut mixed in with the caramel center.  I thought they were very good, a bit hard and chewy.  I really liked that I could taste all the flavors, including both the coconut and macadamia.  I think they’re a bit pricey for everyday but would be a good occasional treat.




Gorilly Goods – Hillside Pumpkin Seeds and Kale

This snack package contains 2 servings at 2 net carbs per serving.  I think it sounds good although I’ve tried dried kale before and wasn’t a fan since it was chewy, depending on the texture of it here, it could be good.  The company works with fair trade partners and uses 100% renewable energy to power their business plus donate a portion of all profit to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund so it’s one I would like to support.  This retails for $2.50 at gorillygoods.com.


I thought this was pretty good.  Despite the picture, I was expecting separate chunks of the kale from the pumpkin seeds but, like the picture, the kale is attached.  The added spices also give it a nice flavor and I was able to stop myself at one serving, half the bag.   I shared with some coworkers and neither of them liked it but I did.  I just rolled the bag up on itself so I’m curious to see if the remainder becomes soggy or not.



KZ Clean Eating – Chocolate Bar

According to the insert, this company only sells low carb items so it definitely sounds like one I’ll be looking into.  This chocolate bar is only 2 net carbs per serving and each bar has 5 servings, so probably 1 row is a serving.  They retail for 6.99 at kzcleaneating.com.

I was slightly off, each bar has six rows, not five, so the servings are a bit weird (how do you eat a fifth of the bar, eat one row plus half a square?).  It was REALLY good, super creamy and sweet and I could definitely taste the caramel.  There were little crunchy bits, I’m guessing the salt, spread throughout which gave it a different texture but I didn’t notice any super salty bites.  I will definitely be checking out their site to order more.



Roam Sticks – Hickory Smoked Pork w/Uncured Bacon

The insert states Roam uses non-GMO, pasture raised pok.  There’s no nutritional information on the package but the insert says it’s 1 net carb per serving, which I’m assuming is the whole stick.  Find them at roamsticks.com for $2.99.

This was actually quite good.  I’d been concerned as I’m not a fan of the Jack Links type of thing but was impressed.  It had a good pork flavor and was not overwhelming on the spices.  It wasn’t too hard or chewy; I had it with a stick of cheese and it was just right.



SuperSeedz – Somewhat Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

This snack package has 5 servings of pumpkin seeds at only 2 net carbs per serving.  I actually have SuperSeedz in several flavors (the chocolate is great) so I know these are pretty good.  I’m not a fan of spicy but enjoy the product in general.  These retail for $4.99 at superzeeds.com.

I’m giving my package to a coworker but did try some of my existing package.  These have a good flavor, earthy and savory, and the spices work with the flavor of the pumpkin seeds well.  They are only slightly spicy, even sensitive me can stand to eat a little bit, but the spice hits more in the back of the throat instead of the mouth and lingers for a bit.



Keto Krate’s new insert

Overall I like the new insert.  It now contains additional information about the products in a nice, orderly, and clearly defined fashion.  Each item has a row, in alternating colors, except for the featured item, which has the whole first page.  In this case, the featured item also has the whole back in the form of a recipe using the item in an ice cream.  It unfolding to such a long sheet is a bit ungainly but overall I like it better.  Since they now have so much room on the back. maybe they can start including multiple recipes.

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