Feb. 11, 2017


After not sleeping the night before last, I spent most of today catching up.  For dinner, I made some oven roasted brussels sprouts, thawed, cut in half, and drizzled with olive oil and salt.  I also wrapped a piece of flounder in foil and baked it in the oven.  I hadn’t realized how long the brussels would take so after 25 min, I took the fish out and, when the brussels were almost done, I fried the fish a bit in a pan to heat it back up.  Yummy.



Both my Keto Krate and an order of Lily’s Milk Chocolate came in today so I went a little overboard.  I ate one strip of the Salted Caramel chocolate (the best of the bunch), one serving (two pieces) of the chocolate covered caramel candies, and a serving of the Lily’s (half a bar).  They were all yummy but mostly scanned as total carbs, blowing my counts out of the water.





Daily Reflection

Even though I only ate one meal and a lot of chocolate, my total carbs came to 63g.  With 22g of fiber, that comes down to 41.  However, the Salted Caramel scanned as 8 total carbs, about 7 of which are sugar alcohols, leaving 1 net carb; the Macadamia bites scanned as 7 total and are actually less than 1 net carb per serving (4 g are fiber and 2 sugar alcohols); and the Lily’s scanned as 22 with 12 fiber and 7 erythritol, leaving 3 net carbs.  Plus, the Bai coconut water scanned as 9 (but is technically 18 as I forgot to change the servings to 2 for the whole bottle) and really only comes to 2 net carbs for the bottle.

All that brings my dinner from 26 total carbs to 13 net carbs, with both the fiber from the brussels sprouts and the sugar alcohols in the Bai subtracted.  My Snacks of all chocolate go from 37 total carbs to 5 net carbs once all the fiber and sugar alcohols are subtracted.  The net carbs for the day then come to 18, within my goal of 20, yay.

It’s good my carbs were really so low since my steps were almost nonexistant.  I have errands and yard work to do tomorrow so hopefully that’ll be better.  I also have homework so we’ll see.