Feb. 22, 2017 Food Journal



I’ve had this breakfast in mind for a bit and finally got it.  I’ve always loved McDonald’s Egg McMuffins.  Although I do like English Muffins, no longer allowed, I always particularly liked the egg and how it’s cooked on the McMuffin.  So I ordered two, with no muffins, and a plain coffee.  I added FatCoffee to make it a BulletProof Coffee and some sweetener.  My cheese had mostly melted off by the time I got to work and had time to eat it so I didn’t eat it as a sandwich (with the eggs as bread) as I had intended but it was still yummy with a fork.  I absolutely plan on making these for breakfast at home once I get a ring to cook the eggs.




Even though I brought a spaghetti squash meal for lunch, my newly obsessed coworkers wanted to go to Jason’s Deli (my 4th visit in less than 2 weeks, third with them).  We got it to go and brought it back to the office; this time I ordered the Chicken Cesar Salad and it was pretty good.  I also started on this bottle of Core water, which was also pretty good.




I went with a light dinner of Deviled Eggs.  Just mayo, mustard, and a little Grey Poupon.  My brother really likes deviled eggs so I only ate four of the eight I made (two whole eggs).






Daily Reflection

I did quite well today, with only 15g total carbs, 2 of which were fiber, leaving me with only 13g net carbs.  I’m not sure what on my salad was still 9 carbs as it was just lettuce, cheese, and chicken (which may have been treated).  I’m working to have at least one of my meals be egg fast type meals in order to meet my weight goal so hopefully it’s helping.

Going into work today and walking somewhere for lunch helped with my steps.  Also, I spent my evening prepping for a charity auction, which kept me moving around and also added to my steps.