Feb. 23, 2017 Food Journal





I started my day with a BulletProof Coffee, yum.  I tried adding cacao nibs and didn’t find that it helped any as the blender didn’t really catch and cut them up.  It was still good anyway.



I had a charity event this evening so even though I wasn’t quite hungry, I didn’t know when I’d get a chance to eat so I had a couple of cheese pieces to tide me over.  These are sold at Sam’s and are quite good, a nice change from the standard cheddar and colby jack.




Technically I ate this at definitely dinner time but as I had another meal after, I moved it to lunch.  I thought I was good in not getting buns or even cheese (the bag behind the counter said Velveeta brand shredded cheese).  I don’t know what kind of hot dogs they used but, based on how puffy they were, I’m guessing BallPark, which come out to 5 carbs per dog, *sigh*.  Even worse, I had two of them.




I grabbed this on my way home from the charity event, well after 10pm.  A Whataburger double meat with no bun.  I added the mustard and mayo myself so it didn’t quite have the Whataburger flavor but close enough.  If you don’t live in TX, you’re missing out.  I was surprised at how high the carbs still were, but there were tomatoes and lettuce.



Snack Pt. 2

I decided to end my night with something sweet.  I was choosing between ChocoRite peanut butter or crispy when I glanced up and saw a large box.  It hit me suddenly that I had ordered these La Nouba desserts and hadn’t even taken the plastic wrap off the box.  They make great low carb marshmallows BTW.  I broke that sucker open and barely took the picture before scarfing it down.  It was actually really sweet and nice and crispy; I’m definitely glad I have a whole box of them.  The only down side is they are maltitol sweetened and foreign, so the label is hard to read.







Daily Reflection

Unfortunately my carbs aren’t as low as yesterday, darn hot dogs, and my total carbs came in at 23; the dessert pushed me over the edge.  My Fitness Pal recorded 0g fiber, although there had to be some in those veggies with the burger, that keeps me at 23 net carbs for the day.  Technically my total carbs were higher as the dessert clocked in as net carbs.

My steps were decent, I worked from home and spent much of the day sitting at my computer.  Even at the event tonight, I was mostly sitting with just a little walking, as evidenced by all the red dots on my activity.  I work from home tomorrow too but do have yard work to do so that should help.



As as side note, I’ve discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps, and the style I’m wearing is Blooming Splendor, which is discontinued but still awesome.

Image result for jamberry BLOOMING SPLENDOR