Feb. 24, 2017 Food Journal



I started my day with another BulletProof Coffee.  This time, instead of the Torani Vanilla I sweetened it with some Chocolate SweetLeaf drops.  I still didn’t notice much of a chocolate flavor but it still tasted good.  I forgot to take a pic so this one’s from yesterday.




The coffee was fairly filling so I had a late lunch.  I had pulled out this Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash bake on Wed. to eat at work and ended up not eating it so I had it today.  It reheats well and has good flavor, quite enjoyable.



Snack Pt. 1

I’m suffering from shark week, big time, so when the afternoon hit I couldn’t fight the craving anymore.  I ordered this peanut butter online and it arrived last weekend but I’ve been trying to keep the carbs lower and hadn’t tried it.  It was pretty good but had separated a bit and was runny, so I need to mix it back together before trying more.  I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate, I thought coconut would be little flakes but I think it’s made with coconut oil, which makes it melt super fast and gives it a weird texture.




Once I got off work (from home) I went outside and did some yard work.  First raking the back yard to get as many sweet gum balls as possible, then mowing the front yard.  By the time I came back inside, I was pooped and was not making dinner.  I ordered through UberEats from a local restaurant and got Parmesan Crusted Sole with Spinach Orzo.  It was hard to tell if the fish was only crusted in parmesan or if there was breading on there too and I had forgotten orzo is a type of rice so I basically picked out the spinach leaves to eat with the fish.  It had a great flavor but I feel like it was really more carbs than the matches I found on My Fitness Pal came to.




After dinner resulted in more chocolate, of course.  These wafer candies are quite good and I’ll have to keep myself from eating them all.  Even my brother thought they were decent.

I stayed up late completing my very last assignment for my Master’s degree and had the two sticks of string cheese to keep me going.  I originally intended to get something 0 carb, to not add to what I already had, but these were more interactive (what I needed) and worth the 1 carb each.





Daily Reflection

Not my best day but by no means my worst.  Today was actually pretty decent except for the fact I’m trying to be stricter with my end-of-month weigh-in coming up and a goal to hit.  My total carbs in My Fitness Pal came to 61g, a bit over my goal of 50g.  A good chunk of that, 20g, comes from the total carbs of the Lily’s chocolate being calculated, 12g of which are fiber and another 5 erythritol.  The next highest was the fish and I still fear it should be even higher than the 16g of carb option I selected in MFP (one option was over 100g in carbs).  Altogether my fiber intake was 20g, plus the 5g sugar alcohols, brings my net carbs down to around 36g, definitely over my 20g goal.

On the other side, all my outdoor yard work really helped my steps and exercise goals, with over 5,000 steps for the day.  For a work at home day, that’s excellent.  🙂



As as side note, I’ve discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps, and the style I’m wearing is Blooming Splendor, which is discontinued but still awesome.

Image result for jamberry BLOOMING SPLENDOR