Feb. 25, 2017 Food Journal



I’m quite pleased to have discovered the Egg McMuffin, sans muffin, option as it’s made on-the-go breakfasts much easier.  Here, I ordered two and placed them together with the eggs as the buns; it was a but thick but tasty.




I had a late lunch, after having been to the zoo and grocery shopping.  A third of a rotisserie chicken and some cheese sticks were the perfect light meal.




I went to a game night at a burger joint and had a burger salad.  This is a chopped up patty with mushrooms on a bed of lettuce and tomato.  There’s also some shredded cheese and I added some bleu cheese dressing, excellent.




Unfortunately, the burger place also had a nice ice cream selection and someone at my table got a sundae and kept trying to pawn it off on the rest of us.  I was able to resist but did have to have some Halo Top when I got home.  The texture was a little off but flavor was great and it was so worth it.

A bit after that I did also have the second half of the Coconut Lily’s bar and some peanut butter.  The coconut bar was a lot firmer this time and didn’t melt in my hands like before so maybe it was just warm the first time.







Daily Reflection

My total carbs were spot on at 50, which is my goal, although slightly high in the percent of caloric intake.  The largest part of that was the chocolate, which is really only 4 net carbs but calculates in as 20 total.  My fiber was 22g, which brings my net carbs down to 28 and the chocolate has 5g of erythritol, bringing it down to 23g, which is quite close to my goal of 20g.

I actually met my 10,000 step goal today, which is awesome.  With my trip to the zoo followed by shopping, I did quite a bit of walking but was impressed it came to that much.  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going this week.



As as side note, I’ve discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps, and the style I’m wearing is Blooming Splendor, which is discontinued but still awesome.

Image result for jamberry BLOOMING SPLENDOR