Feb. 26, 2017 Food Journal



I fasted until the afternoon and had a late lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant.  It was my first time going there for lunch and was surprised that they offered a taco salad, which isn’t on their dinner menu.  It was fairly simple, meat, lettuce, tomato, and cheese with a dollop of sour cream on top and I swiped my brother’s guacamole.  The closest match on My Fitness Pal (MFP) clocked in at 12 carbs, although I don’t know where they would’ve come from, so I left it at that but didn’t add the guac separately.  I’ve also included a picture of the empty taco shell.





I’m definitely not buying the Lily’s Milk Chocolate in full sized bars again.  It’s just so much like regular milk chocolate, so rich and creamy, that I can’t stop myself at just one row or even half a bar.  Today I ate half and it wasn’t even an hour before I ate the other half, with peanut butter.  I don’t remember setting it to log as net carbs but it’s a good thing it did or it would be showing over 40 carbs just for that.




I took a nap after the chocolate so I had a late dinner.  I enjoyed the chicken and cheese so much the other day that I went ahead and had that again, although my cat ate about a third of the chicken (including a little bone).






Daily Reflection

Again, the chocolate scanning as net carbs is the only reason my carbs aren’t much higher today, definitely over my 50g goal for total carbs.  According to MFP, my total carbs were 22 and fiber 19, leaving me with only 3 net carbs but I expect the fiber from the chocolate is included in that and shouldn’t be subtracted as the chocolate is already in net carbs with the fiber subtracted.

Even better, my activity was quite good today.  Just this last week I discovered there’s a gym about 5 minutes from my house so I decided to check it out and signed up for their $10/month, no contract offer.  I then tried the elliptical and recumbent bike and some ab machines (the ones I could figure out).  My joining came with an offer for others to try so if you’re interested, it’s just below.  When I got home, I then mowed my back yard, which also significantly added to my steps.

Planet Fitness Free 1-day Pass

I’ve already prepped for tomorrow, I boiled several eggs and mixed two as an egg salad to take along with some cheese.  I’ll have to figure something out for breakfast.