Feb. 27, 2017 Food Journal



I took the time to make a BulletProof Coffee this morning, adding Torani Caramel this time, and it was delicious.  I didn’t, however, take the time to take a picture so recycling this old one.



Snack Pt. 1

I went down to the building snack bar with a coworker and decided to try this string cheese mid-morning.  I actually liked it, it had an interesting flavor and more natural texture than the Sargento I usually eat.  Less than 1 carb for the stick.




I brought two cut up eggs, with some mayo and mustard dolloped on top, for lunch.  Nice egg salad.



The egg salad left a bit of a taste so I did one one serving, two pieces, of this Xyloburst for just under a carb.  About an hour and a half before quitting time, I finally had the two cheeses I had brought with me, nice and soft.



After being home for a bit, I settled on a serving of cream cheese pancakes to round out my day.  Technically, it put me over on my cheese to egg ratio but I couldn’t bring myself to eat just one or two regular eggs.






Daily Reflection

For those who hadn’t caught on, I started an egg fast today.  I wasn’t sure I’d fully commit but took it one meal at a time and made it through.  My total and net carbs, of course, are super low, at only 6g for the day.  My fat was slightly high and protein low so I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Also, going into work helped my steps, even though I drove and didn’t get my usual walk to and from the train station.  I was also pretty busy and didn’t get much time to just be up and about.


As as side note, I’ve discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps, and the style I’m wearing is Blooming Splendor, which is discontinued but still awesome.

Image result for jamberry BLOOMING SPLENDOR