Weight Tracking: Jan. 1 –

On this page I will track my weight moving forward.  I would say weight loss, but who knows; I’ll be honest about it either way because backtracking and falling off the wagon does happen.  That’s the whole reason I began this blog, to keep myself accountable and honest after too many cheat meals/days and regaining what I had lost (multiple times).  As opposed to my other pages, I’ll be posting the newest items first and pushing older content down over time.

My initial weigh-in picture from April 2016, when committing to this Way of Eating (WOE), is at the bottom of this page and to see weigh-ins from Oct.-Dec., visit my previous page.



Measurements on 3/1/17

Bust – 39.5 in – down .5 in

Chest – 36 – down 1.5 in

Upper arm – 13.5 – same

Forearm – 10 – same

Waist – 38.5 – down 1 in

Hips – 46 – down .5 in

Midway – 45.5 – same (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs – 28 – same

Knees – 19 – up .5 in (just above your knee, not the actual knee)

Calves – 15.5 – down .5 in

Wow, all my measurements (except the knee) either went down or stayed the same, especially in my upper body.  They always say you lose first where you don’t want to and last where you do; of course my middle stayed the same.  I do this so seldom that I’m never sure if I’m measuring the right places or the same place each time but consistent loss of inches should indicate I’m doing something right.


Here’s new pics as well.  You can definitely tell the egg fast is working although that’s likely to go back up once I go back to normal LCHF.  I am now down 15.5 lbs since Jan 1. and 50 lbs since I began this WOE almost a year ago (next month).



Feb. 26, 2017

Down almost half a pound.  They say slow and steady wins the race and I’m happy with any downward motion.  Unfortunately, I have a DietBet coming up due and am not near my goal so egg fast for the next few days in the hopes of getting down there.



Feb. 19, 2017

I’m now back below my record low of 195.8 from almost exactly a month ago, yay.  It’s surprising how easy it is to get off track and how hard it is to get back on.  There’s less than 10 days left in the month and my DietBet goal is to reach 189.7 by then, so I have a lot of work to do.  While I don’t feel like doing a total egg fast, which I know would work, I may increase my egg intake as a way to keep carbs down to reach my goal.


Feb. 12, 2017

I was out of town for about half of the last week for my grandma’s 90th birthday, meaning I didn’t eat as low carb as I usually do.  I also wasn’t able to weigh in as I didn’t have my scale (and my mom’s is off by a bit).  I’m now back on track and working toward my goal.


Feb. 1, 2017

Even though I do my own weigh-ins on Sundays, I had a new DietBet start today and am in a Transformer DietBet that goes for 6 months, with monthly weigh-ins.  As a side note, I won both my Jan. DietBet and the first month of the Transformer one, yay.  It helps that I got off track over the holidays so I was especially high at the beginning of this month.  The other months will be harder. I’m still up from last week and will be going to a party this coming weekend so I will likely stay up a bit but will get back on track next week.


Measurements on 2/1/17

Bust – 41 in – down .5 in

Chest – 37.5 – down 1 in

Upper arm – 13.5 – down .5 in

Forearm – 10 – up 1 in

Waist – 39.5 – down 1 in

Hips – 46.5 – down 1 in

Midway – 45.5 – down 1.5 in (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs – 28 – down .5 in

Knees – 18.5 – up 2 in (I read since my last measurements that it’s actually just above your knee, not the actual knee so this month is from the correct location)

Calves – 16 – up .25 in

It’s really great to see fairly consistent loss throughout my body and I was really impressed with the midway measurement as it catches the love handles and gut and was down the most.  The down side of doing this only once a month is trying to be consistent in the placement of the measuring tape but I’m trying.


Jan. 29, 2017

I’ve been indulging a bit this week, peanut butter has been killing me, so you can see my weight has gone back up a bit.  I also ate very late last night so that is also likely having an impact.  I usually do full-body pictures and measurements on the Sunday weigh-in where the month transitions but I have a DietBet ending at the very end of the month (in two days) so I’m going to wait until then to do them since I have to do the pics for that anyway and it’ll be more accurate for the actual change of the month.



Jan. 22, 2017

I feel like I can confidently say I am now out of the 200s for good.  It makes me so happy to have hit that milestone and moved past it.  Even more, I’ve already lost 13.4 lbs just this month.  Even though the bulk of it went quick due to my egg fast following an unhealthy couple of weeks, I’m glad that the rest of it has come off gradually through sticking to the LCHF WOE.  As an added bonus, today I earned my 45 lbs lost badge with my FitBit, so 5o here I come.


Jan. 19, 2017

I went to the doctor today and officially weighed in at under 200 lbs, woo hoo!  🙂  I’ve been saving all of the summary forms I’ve been getting on my doctor visits and, from the first (that I saved) on 6/30/16 at 234 lbs to today at 198 lbs I’ve lost 36 lbs.  That’s not counting what I lost prior to that date since I was 144 in April 2016.  Even though I don’t see a difference when I just look at myself, I can definitely tell in pictures and having this documentation is also a great motivator.



Jan. 18, 2017

I completed my second In-Body screening today, the first being on 10/25/16.  This is basically a scale with handles (and pads on both the scale and handles) so that it can use electrical currents to determine the composition of your body in muscle, fat, and water.  On my first, I weighed 210.3 and today I was at 200.2 (so close to the 100s).  Also, on the first fat made up 100.3 lbs, water was 80.4, and muscle was 60.6 lbs of my total weight.  Today, the fat came to 96.3 lbs, water was 75.9, and muscle was 56.9.  I still have a ways to go but it’s nice to see progress, especially with it being over the holidays.



Jan. 16, 2017

Even though not doing an egg fast, I am working hard to stay low carb and keep my fat intake high.  I’ve also been doing intermittent fasting, where you don’t eat for several hours in the morning so your body uses the fat for fuel instead of food.  This helps me a lot, especially since I’m often not hungry when first getting up.  You can see I’ve gone down another 2 lbs this last week, which is about my normal amount of loss.  I’m mostly excited that I’m only .6 lbs above my historical low, which I got to upon completion of my first egg fast just after Thanksgiving.  I’m even more proud to be reaching it again with my regular LCHF eating.


Jan. 9, 2017

After gaining back over the holidays, I completed another egg fast, for four days this time, as a way to fast track back into keto and fat burning.  You can see how significant an impact the egg fast can have, with 9 lbs lost in a week.



Jan. 1, 2017

If you look close enough at the scale, you can see that I’m currently up almost 12 pounds from my lowest weight, just before Christmas.  That lowest weight was just after an egg fast, where I lost about 10 lbs, and before that I had been at 206 lbs (at the beginning of Dec.) so I’m not up by too much overall.  Now that the holidays have passed, I’m ready to recommit and stick to my plan.  I’ll be doing an egg fast again, starting tomorrow or Tue., and following the low carb way of eating (WOE) the rest of the month.

Measurements on 1/1/17

Bust – 41.5 in

Chest – 38.5 in

Upper arm – 14 in

Forearm – 9 in

Waist – 40.5 in

Hips – 47.5 in

Midway – 47 in (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs – 28.5 in

Knees – 16.5 in

Calves – 15.75 in

Overall, a majority of my measurements are down by about half an inch.  While a lot depends on the placement of the tape measure, I do try to be consistent so hopefully that means that even though my weight went up, I’m still making progress.


Below are graphs that show my progress in the last 6 months and year along with comparison pictures from my starting weight to a more current weight.

Six month graph
One year graph
April 19, 2016 to Jan. 1, 2017
Jan. 22, 2012 and Dec. 11, 2016 (while the first is an old picture, I was about the same weight then as I was when I really started LCHF)




Below is my starting picture from 4.11.16.  This is when I decided to get serious about being healthier and doing low carb.  I had lost some weight before now, from my highest point at 260-ish and my weight in this picture is 244 lbs.


April 2016