Low Carb Info

While most visitors to this page will be familiar with low carb but for those who are just getting started, here’s some good resources that helped me.

Nice intros to low carb:  Diet Doctor and Ditch the Carbs


Some acronyms:

LCHF: Low carb, High fat

WOE: Way of Eating

MFP: My Fitness Pal

BPC: BulletProof Coffee


Some great pages for resources and recipes:

Peace, Love, & Low Carb

Sugar Free Mom

I Breathe, I’m Hungry





Great Facebook Groups:

Peace, Love, & Low Carb Friends

Low Carb Recipes and More with Alisha

Low Carb, LCHF, Keto Eating



Also, there’s always Atkins, if you need more ready-made or structure.