March 17, 2017 Food Journal



I had the time to make a BulletProof Coffee to enjoy on the way in to work.




A group of us went down to the Farmer’s  Market for lunch.  I ordered this lovely seafood meal of Blackened Redfish with Sauteed Spinach and Mixed Vegetables as my sides.  It was expensive but delicious.  My luck, the mixed veggies were predominantly carrots and tomatoes but it was good and different.


Snack Pt. 1 & 2

While leaving the Farmer’s Market I purchased this Texas Cheese Tray, with three different cheeses made here in TX.  I munched on this through the afternoon and did eat all the almonds and most of the Apricots that were included as flavor pairings.  It really did help accentuate the flavors of the cheeses and I felt very sophisticated.  Unfortunately, the one cheese was spreadable and very strong so I also ate some of the french bread they included with that cheese.  I did also try a bit of the jam they included; it didn’t go well with the cheese, which was more savory.


Later in the afternoon I had a serving of these sugar free York patties, a great palate cleanse after all that cheese.




For dinner I made a Big Mac Casserole, which is delicious and I highly recommend.  It’s basically just cooked meat mixed with some cheeses and a low carb version of Big Mac Special Sauce, aka Russian Dressing.  Some dill relish and pickles atop a bed of lettuce finishes this off perfectly.


Snack Pt. 3

After dinner I had one of these wafers; I got out two but was good after the first one.







Daily Reflection

My carbs were particularly high today due to the french bread and jam I ate this afternoon.  It’s lucky I’m not working hard to stay at my 20 carb goal this week and the trick now is to not become derailed by eating some carbs.  All the sugar free candies I had scanned as net carbs, so my total carbs are really higher.  With on 9g of fiber, my net carbs aren’t much lower than that really high total so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Having gone into the office and walked a bit to get to lunch, my steps for today were decent.

I bought some plants on the way home so tomorrow will be mostly yard work.  I don’t have any plans so will be able to stay home and focus on staying low carb.


If you noticed my nails more than my food, the Jamberry Wrap I’m wearing is Shamrockin’, which is from last year, and they have great options for every holiday.

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