March 18, 2017 Food Journal



I fasted until after noon, planting some flowers and mowing the back yard, and decided to make some Cream Cheese Pancakes.  I have some low sugar strawberry preserves in the fridge and decided to try using them to make strawberry pancakes and it was a complete failure.  The preserves are a bit runny and made the pancakes too runny, so they wouldn’t stick together to be flipped when cooking.  I’ll stick to just adding the preserves on top with the syrup next time.



Snack Pt. 1

Not long after breakfast, I started eyeing some of the items I received in the new Keto Krate this month.  Having had some jelly, I decided to be brave and try the spicy peanut butter, which was definitely spicy.  Having tried it, I decided to see how it tasted with pork rinds, and it was pretty good, the sweet of the BBQ pork rinds complimenting the spicy and savory of the peanut butter.  My mouth burned for a while even after I was done.  I’m not a fan of spicy so likely won’t eat this peanut butter straight again but am considering using it as a sauce or marinade on some chicken.



Snack Pt. 2

As I’m still working back to ketosis, I enjoyed a pickle in the late afternoon, just before a nice nap.




More experimenting for dinner tonight.  I had some hot dogs in the fridge and a remaining round of FatHead Dough from my batch earlier this week so I wrapped the dough around hot dog halves with a slice of cheese, plus some shredded cheese on top.  As you can see, the dough melted off a bit but they tasted good; my brother even ate a third one.


Snack Pt. 3

Dinner was shortly followed by another round of Lily’s chocolate dipped in peanut butter, my weakness.



Snack Pt. 4

I stayed up late enough to get hungry again and had a lovely snack of cheese and one meat stick.







Daily Reflection

I think I need to not work so hard to stay above my usual goal of 20 net carbs, as I’m definitely way over.  Most of that is from the chocolate and peanut butter, as I ate that whole bar and had peanut butter twice today.  The chocolate is mostly sugar alcohols and fiber, with only a few net carbs per serving.  Even subtracting just the fiber of 37g from my total carbs of 84g brings me to 47g net carbs, minus the sugar alcohols of 22g, leaving 25g of net carbs.

My activity was really good today, mostly due to mowing the back yard, along with some other yard work.  More planting tomorrow but no mowing.