March 19, 2017 Food Journal



I took this to work for my lunch most days this week and never actually ate it, so I had it today.  Nothing better than a nice soup with meat and veggies, completely homemade.



Snack Pt. 1

I’m still working my way through my new Keto Krate and settled on this Adapt Bar today.  I’ve had the Brownie flavored one before; I liked the flavor of this one more but still am not a fan.  It’s weirdly chewy but also melty, likely due to a high coconut oil content.  Even after, there were bits in my teeth, maybe coconut.


Snack Pt. 2

While awaiting dinner, I enjoyed more chocolate and peanut butter.  I went for a darker chocolate this time, and did stop for a bit after one serving.  The second half of the bar followed before too long though, so the struggle continues.




Happily, my brother went down to our nearest Zaxby’s and brought me back a Zalad, yum.  Even though it’s a bit high in carbs, I used both of the Mediterranean dressings that come with it and did also eat one of the pieces of toast.


Snack Pt. 3

My brother bought some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches and has been eating some every night.  Luckily, I had this in the freezer and had a delicious serving.



Snack Pt. 4

Another Keto Krate item, I actually ate these last night while I was staying up late.  I had just a few tonight as well.  I’ve never been a fan of pecans (sacrilege here in TX) but these are pretty good and the salt helps them a lot.






Daily Reflection

My cave to the toast contributed to my highest carb intake although I’m thinking now that count may be for the whole piece and I only ate a half.  The chocolate must have scanned as net carbs or it would be included in that ranking as well.  At 118g, my total carbs are way above my goal of 50g and even subtracting the 21g of fiber only brings it to 97 and the 22 or so sugar alcohols still have me at 75g net carbs, which is definitely high.

My activity wasn’t too bad, mostly due to my yard work.  I’ll be going into the office tomorrow so that will help a lot.