March 28, 2017 Food Journal

Egg Fast – Day 1



I fasted until late morning and then had a BulletProof Coffee for breakfast.  Just blend instant coffee, butter, coconut oil, with some collagen and Torani vanilla sweetener for a delicious start to the day.




I didn’t eat lunch until the afternoon, after I got off work and puttered in the yard.  I just fried three eggs in butter and grated some white cheddar on top.




I already had some hardboiled eggs so I cut up two of them and mixed with some mayo and mustard to make some egg salad.  I also baked two slices of cheese, broken into quarters, in the oven to make cheese chips.






Daily Reflection

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, with some health issues and a fall that injured one ankle and the other knee, putting both legs out of commission.  While I didn’t go crazy, I didn’t stick to low carb either due to the convenience while unable to stand to cook and not feeling well.  I went back on low carb yesterday and stuck to an egg fast today.  As you can see, my carbs were super low and my fat the highest, as it should be.

My tracker isn’t syncing with my phone tonight but I got 1,911 steps, which is probably the most I’ve gotten besides yesterday, when I went into the office.  I fell last Wed. and have spend most of my time horizontal since then, even using a rolling chair to get around the house.  Today I did walk the back yard a little bit so the steps were decent.

I plan on continuing the egg fast tomorrow and will work on switching up the recipes as I get tired of fried and hardboiled eggs really quick.  I’m still limited on standing comfortably so we’ll see what I can manage.