March 29, 2017 Food Journal

Egg Fast Day 2 (Kind of)



Last night a big front line came through and our power went out at about 2am.  It was still out when I left for work this morning (I was supposed to work from home but no power or internet) so I bought a coffee and water when I got to the office.  I added a FatCoffee packet and some sweetener to make it a BulletProof Coffee.




When I left this morning, I quickly grabbed these hardboiled eggs and stick cheese from the fridge, so it was my lunch.  I also had some mayo packets at my desk, which I ate the eggs with, plus a little salt.  I actually didn’t eat the Cheddar-Jack cheese until later in the afternoon.



After following it all day I heard at 4pm that our power was back on (after over 12 hours) so I stopped at a grocery store on my way home (although not too close since the ones by us had also had been without power and had to toss all their refrigerated and frozen items).  Since I was unsure of everything in the fridge, I also bought this turkey breast (similar to a rotisserie chicken) and pack of cheese for my dinner.  Not egg fast but ended up being a good thing since the power was out again when I got home.




Definitely not Egg Fast compliant but I also bought this Halo Top at my stop on the way home, plus some ice cream sandwiches for my brother.  He was eating his so I decided to at least try this in case the power didn’t come back on and I’d have to toss it.  I only ate one serving (about a quarter of the container) and it was delicious.






Daily Reflection

The power didn’t come on until 1:30am that night, almost 24hrs with no electric, and the internet still wasn’t completely working for the next 24hrs so I’m actually writing this two days later and have a lot of catching up to do (I could upload the pics with my phone and data but it’s too much rearranging and typing to do on the phone).

I’m mostly disappointed about not being able to stick to the Egg Fast but did work to stay as close to 0 carb as possible.  The bad thing is, with the power being out so long, some things in the fridge/freezer have to be eaten ASAP before they go off (besides what we already had to toss).  This particularly means meats and maybe eggs so I will have to add meats to the next few days of meals as well.

That said, if I subtract the sugar alcohols and fiber from the Halo Top, I did stay really low carb for the day.  My total carbs came to 22, with three fiber and I think 4 sugar alcohols, leaving 15 net carbs.  Not as low as a straight egg fast by any means but decent under the circumstances.

Going into the office and then the store helped my steps.  I’m still dealing with a twisted ankle and bruised knee (opposite legs) so walking is slow and semi-painful so I’m avoiding excess walking but still better than it has been.