March 30, 2017 Food Journal

Egg Fast (kinda) – Day 3



I worked from home today so I fasted until mid-morning and then had a BulletProof coffee, with caramel syrup.




The internet went back out around 1pm so I made my lunch.  I’m trying to quickly use meats and such from the fridge/freezer so I added some ham lunchmeat to my scrambled eggs and put shredded cheese on top.




The internet finally came back on so I was able to finish my workday.  I had a late dinner of two hardboiled eggs (I boiled a dozen in the hopes it’ll help them last longer).  I also made rollups with a slice of lunchmeat and cheese with a little mayo between.  I also had some mayo and mustard to dip the eggs into.






Daily Reflection

I did much better in following the Egg Fast today, besides a little added meat.  My lunchmeat is 0 carb as well so my whole day only came to 2 carbs, perfect.

I’m also working to move more normally, rather than avoiding or economizing my walking, so my steps were decent today as well.