April 2, 2017 Food Journal



I slept in a bit and then wasn’t hungry so my first meal was late in the day.  I planned to make deviled eggs but they didn’t peel well so I just made an egg salad instead.  I didn’t want to spend the time baking cheese chips so I microwaved some; they were a bit chewy so I’ll likely bake them next time.




It was about midnight when my brother decided he wanted a burger.  I rode along and got this double-meat cheeseburger; I even resisted the wonderful smelling onion rings he got.  The only bun I had was whatever stuck to the cheese I had to peel off in bits.






Daily Reflection

My total carbs came to 10g, which isn’t too bad for two meals.  Most of that came from the burger, likely the vegetables (which should have at least some fiber content even though there’s none showing).

My steps are also better than expected seeing as I slept until the afternoon.  I did also stay up late though, so I’m sure some of that is from before I slept.

I’m going into the office tomorrow and plan to take just a low carb meal from my freezer.  I still have a lot of eggs that need eating so I plan to eat at least one egg-based meal a day but won’t consider it an egg fast moving forward.