March 31, 2017 Food Journal

Partial Egg Fast – Day 3



BulletProof coffee to start the day.  Helps get through being stuck in traffic.




I had agreed earlier in the week to go to lunch with a retired coworker and another friend of hers from the office.  I knew eggs would be out of the question but luckily we went to a Mexican restaurant and I was able to order fajitas, with just cheese and sour cream, keeping as close to 0 carb as possible.




I brought this new snack pack I had found with me and had to eat it or toss it, so I nibbled on it throughout the afternoon.  The almonds and cheese were great but the egg was weird, kind of chewy and wet.  I have another in the fridge but won’t be buying them again.


I scrambled some eggs with some ham lunchmeat and cheese for dinner, along with a La Croix drink, sweetened with EZ Sweets.






Daily Summary

I wasn’t able to stick completely to the Egg Fast but tried to get in at least one egg meal.  It was really nice to have a meal that wasn’t eggs.  I was still able to keep my carbs to only 10g.  The Ready Egg snack was actually more but scanned as net carbs, with the fiber already subtracted.

It was a busy day at work so I didn’t get as many steps in but it wasn’t too bad, especially since I’m still favoring my twisted ankle.