April 3, 2017 Food Journal



Again, BulletProof coffee to start the day, caffeine and fats all in one.




I pulled a serving of lasagna from the freezer for my lunch, together with a Bai Bubbles.




I brought with me the second Ready, Egg, Go snack for today.  I only ate the peanuts and cheese, passing on the egg this time.  I doubt it made much difference to the carbs, one at the most.




For dinner tonight I used a pound each of ground turkey and pork to make some meatloaf.  It was a lot higher in carbs than I would like, mostly coming from the tomato sauce.  It was quite tasty though, the only reason I didn’t have seconds was due to the carbs.



Snack Pt. 2

I was still feeling hungry after my dinner and had a couple sticks of cheese as a low carb snack.






Daily Reflection

Even though my carbs are higher than I wanted, at 33g, my macros are almost spot on which is great.  While 6g of my carbs were fiber, leaving me with 27g net carbs, which is definitely over my goal of 20g.  Most of that is from the tomato sauce (only one little can) I used on the meatloaf.

My steps for the day were decent.  I was super busy at work and didn’t have an opportunity to go walk.