May 22, 2017

Egg Fast – Day 1



One of the harder things about an egg fast is getting in all the fats required for the day (one per egg) so an easy way to jump start the fat intake is with a BulletProof Coffee.  It also gives a nice caffeine jump and, if you do intermittent fasting, helps you push back your first meal.


The egg fast suggests a minimum of six eggs per day,3-5 meals with eggs and at least two eggs per meal.  I try to hit the minimum and, this being the first day, went for three in my first meal in case I felt nauseous later and didn’t want more.  These are cooked liberally in butter, for the fats.



Cheese sticks make an easy and convenient snack while on the egg fast, and help with the cheese intake, also one oz. per egg.



Three more eggs, scrambled, with butter and one slice of cheese melted in.  I always salt my eggs, it really helps make them more palatable, and use Lite Salt, which has potassium, while on the egg fast.



I broke two slices of cheese into quarters and baked them to make these cheese chips.  I had them with some ranch dressing to dip them in.  It’s main base is mayo, which is an approved fat, but has other things added, so not the best option but better than my usual marinara sauce.



My last cheese serving, an oz of cream cheese mixed with Swerve and some vanilla to make a quick and easy cheesecake substitute.  You can blend to make it fluffy too.


Day one went better than expected, especially since I was not following low carb prior to beginning the egg fast.  I’ll work on spreading the eggs out better tomorrow and not having quite as much cheese.