May 25, 2017

Egg Fast – Day 4



I was back to BulletProof Coffee for breakfast today.  Since I brewed the coffee last night for the Tiramisu and I add butter to the coffee anyway, I just used that for my coffee this morning.



For lunch I scrambled three eggs and added a slice of cheese.



After a walk and quick shopping stop, I ate some of the Smoked Gouda I had bought.  I’ve really be craving it since I got a big block at my discount grocery.  This wasn’t as good but it was still pretty good.  I estimate I ate about 3oz altogether.



I’d finished of my hardboiled eggs so I boiled a new batch.  To me they’re best when they’re warm so I just peeled and ate them without anything added.  I should’ve had them with some mayo to up the fat intake but just ate them plain.  I also had a smaller bottle of Powerade Zero.


I’m always surprised when I do this at how few pictures there are.  I always feel like I ate much more than this and am never hungry.  I often have to make myself eat.

Today I had 6 eggs over two meals plus about 4oz of cheese.  I also had at least 3oz of fat, between the coffee and scrambled eggs.



I finally remembered to weigh myself before eating or drinking anything this morning and am down about 5lbs from May 19.