May 26, 2017

Egg Fast Day 5



Even though I went in the office today, I still started the day with my go-to, BulletProof Coffee.  The vanilla addition is starting to get a little stale, so while waiting for the train, I added a few more add-in sugar free syrups to my Amazon cart.



I didn’t really start on the BPC until I was partway to work, since it was so hot, so it held me over for all of the morning.  At around 1 I went to lunch.  Luckily, I had prepped some egg salad (hardboiled eggs mixed with mayo and mustard) and some cheese chips (sliced cheese baked in the oven).  They were really good together and I didn’t even use all the chips.



Come dinnertime, I decided to start working on the transition from egg fast to low carb by cooking up some bacon (basically 0 carb) and having it with my scrambled eggs.  After no other flavors for a week, it was delicious.



I stayed up pretty late and broke my transition plan with some Lily’s chocolate and peanut butter.  I had planned to not do any sugar this first weekend but gave in to the craving.



Until the very end, I did pretty well sticking into the egg fast and easing into the low carb transition days.

I can definitely tell the egg fast works.  I was down two more pounds after just one day.