May 28, 2017

Low Carb Day


Today was a bit of a cross between low carb and the cookout holiday food.  I’d been craving hot dogs and got them out of the freezer yesterday.  Together with some low carb bread, cheese, bacon and fixin’s made a great craving-satisfier.



After my all-American lunch I figured some ice cream would be a perfect follow-up.  The Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup is pretty good.



Once my brother got up, he wanted Five Guys and I’m not one to turn that down.  Lettuce-wrapped little bacon cheeseburger is SO GOOD!



I sliced some cheese as a snack later in the evening.  While I was letting it warm, I mixed some sugar-free jello with cream cheese to make a “fluff”.  I didn’t quite follow a recipe or use all the suggested ingredients but I thought it came out pretty good.  I just ate a bit out to test it.


Snack Part 3

I was up pretty late and felt a bit snackish again.  I spotted this Bacon flavored Kale from my last Keto Krate and decided to try it out.  It was very bitter and the bacon seasoning really stays with you.

To get the Kale out, I did eat one serving of Lily’s chocolate with some peanut butter, which I discovered was already open.


I didn’t do as well today but, compared to a regular day, it was somewhat low carb.

This morning, after one day off the egg fast, I was back up 2lbs but still down 5 from where I started.