May 30, 2017

Egg Fast (Round 2) Day 2



I worked from home today so around 11 am I had some BulletProof coffee.  This time I added chocolate flavored liquid stevia and some cocoa powder.  It was pretty good and I’ll definitely try that again.




Mid-afternoon I cooked a couple of eggs with my egg rings, to make them like McDonald’s eggs, and topped with some Colby-Jack.




In the early evening, I scrambled 4 eggs and topped with most of two slices of white cheddar (the ends were stuck to the bulk).



To finish my day, I ate about half of what was left of the cream cheese mixed with sugar free Jello.



Overall I had 6 eggs and about 6 oz of cheese.

I was back up another two pounds this morning, after one day back on the egg fast.  That leaves me with 3lbs net loss from the first round.  Hopefully my next transition days I can stay on track more and not regain so much.