May 31, 2017

Egg Fast (Round 2) Day 3



Like most egg fast days, I started with a BulletProof Coffee, which I halfway prepped the night before (by putting the butter and coconut oil into the cup of water – ready to go straight into the microwave in the morning).  It’s typically too hot for me to start on as I head into work so I nursed it from around 9-11 as I worked.



I also prepped my lunch the night before, but got a late start to it delayed bedtime a bit.  Taking hardboiled eggs in some form is generally the easiest and most appetizing way to eat eggs on the go, and for me an egg salad works the best, as plain eggs are only good warm.  Also, the egg salad goes perfect with the cheese chips, which I’m loving since I figured out how to make them crunchy.  I didn’t think as I grabbed the drink, which has 5 carbs; typically I’d pick something else that was closer to 0 for the egg fast days.




Lunch held me over pretty well and I came home to a package of Quest cereal bars I had ordered; I’d received one in my Keto Krate and wanted to try the other flavors too.  I had my brother try the Waffle flavored one and ate a tiny corner to taste it.  It tasted much more of syrup than waffles but definitely decided my dinner for me.  Cream cheese pancakes are always a great, tasty go-to.



I usually get in more walking on days I go into the office but food-wise, I did fairly well.  It still amazes me when I do this and have eaten so little; I’m rarely hungry during the day and always feel like I’ve eaten a lot more.  In the end, I had 4-5 eggs and just under that of cheese.

I also remembered to weigh this morning and am back down to 210, which is down 2 from my last weigh-in and down 5 from when I started this.