June 1, 2017

Egg Fast (Round 2) – Day 3



My BulletProof coffee this morning was chocolate flavored; I added some cocoa powder and chocolate flavored sweetener and it was definitely delicious.



Early afternoon I had some scrambled eggs with provolone, for something different.



I had received a cereal-style Quest protein bar as part of my last Keto Krate and ordered a few of each to sample.  The box of untried flavors, together with a shortage of eggs, led to my breaking of the egg fast for the evening, starting with this chocolate cookie protein bar.  I thought it was pretty good but my brother didn’t care for it.



The many pizza commercials and ads I’ve been hit with lately, both on tv for Papa John’s return of the cheeseburger pizza and online for larger versions of the Real Good pizza in stores finally broke me and I had a small pepperoni pizza for dinner, together with a soda.

I also hardboiled some eggs and mixed them with tuna, which I ate a little of before putting the bulk in the fridge for later.



The down side of those protein bars is that they are very sweet, which triggered the sugar craving.  I finished off the last of the cream cheese mixed with Jello (half of what’s pictured below) but it didn’t do the trick so I also had one serving of Lily’s (half a bar) with some peanut butter.



Even though I didn’t stick to the egg fast all day today, I did at least stick with low carb, despite the cravings and options in the house for otherwise.  I haven’t yet decided on tomorrow, whether to get back on (after buying eggs) or stick with the LC, so we’ll see.