June 5, 2017


The down side of running out of eggs and just subsisting over the weekend is that I didn’t have anything prepped for Monday.  Luckily, my building has a little cafeteria/snack bar.  A warm hardboiled egg and some bacon held me over until the afternoon.  The coffee was just black with sweetener added, and cinnamon, not BulletProof coffee as it’s more of a meal substitute.



While grabbing my breakfast I also got this little salad for my lunch, which I ate at around 1pm.  The ranch packet was two carbs, plus whatever all the spinach and tomatoes added up to.



I got into to work fairly late so I was also there until 6pm.  Mid-afternoon I had this cereal protein bar, the one I actually got in my May Keto Krate.  I also had two pieces of sugar free Dibs, which is a caramel.



My brother went shopping today (yay eggs!) and, left to his own devices, bought a loaf of bread and has been going on a sandwich binge, which of course sounded delicious.  I pulled out some of my low carb bread and had a sandwich as well.