June 6, 2017


I worked from home today so BulletProof coffee was my mid-morning start to the day.  I attended a “GISHWHES tea party” event at a coffee shop last weekend and was able to get several new Sugar Free Torani syrups.  Today I added English Toffee, which was nice but next time I’ll add a little more to really get the toffee flavor.



I prepped my lunch around lunchtime but got busy with work, on a call, so I didn’t get to eat it until the afternoon.  I also forgot to take a picture but it was just a plate of sausage with some sliced hard cheeses.



Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry for a time after lunch and didn’t eat until after my walk.  While walking, someone was grilling and it smelled delicious so I had to pull and cook some turkey burgers once I got home.  Just a turkey burger topped with a slice of cheese, mayo, mustard, and pickles – delish.


I bought some fresh broccoli a bit ago and found a good recipe to use with it, so I also chopped it up in preparation and will do the rest tomorrow, so stay tuned.