June 7, 2017


Again, BulletProof Coffee to start the day, this time with some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sugar free Torani syrup added in – yum.



For lunch, I went ahead and mixed up the Broccoli Salad I’d found online.  I chopped the fresh broccoli last night so today I cooked the bacon (and ate a little) and steamed the broccoli while mixing up the “dressing”, which is just mayo with some Apple Cider Vinegar and stevia.  I also shredded some cheddar.  It came out surprisingly good and I quite liked it, I’ll definitely make it again.  I had it with what was left of the naked wings I ordered from Papa Johns the other day, dipped in Ranch.




This afternoon, my order of Smart Cakes and Smart Buns came in.  Luckly, I still had two turkey burgers in the fridge from yesterday.  I cooked those in my cast iron pan with some bacon grease and buttered and toasted the buns on a griddle.  Some cheese, mayo, mustard, and pickles completed the meal.  I also had some BBQ flavored pork rinds as a chip substitute.

I thought the Smart Buns were quite good.  A little denser in texture than a normal hamburger bun but good flavor and a perfectly good substitute.  The best part is, according to the company, they come out to 0 net carbs. 



I couldn’t resist also trying one of the Smart Cakes I got today.  I went with chocolate, but also received coconut and cinnamon (which is what came in my Keto Krate so I’ve tried).  The texture was a little dense and it could have been more chocolaty but overall it was pretty good.

Unfortunately, the cake triggered the craving for real chocolate so I did eat a serving of Lily’s chocolate, sans peanut butter for once.

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