June 8, 2017


I basically made the same BulletProof Coffee as yesterday, with the cookie dough syrup, plus I added a little cocoa powder.  I also decided to try adding a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar to it; I’ve heard a little each day is good and that it’s also good to mix it with other stuff so you don’t taste it, so the BPC would be perfect.  I put just half a tablespoon and it destroyed the coffee; it was awful.  I did manage to get it all down but definitely didn’t enjoy it.



I knew I wanted more of the Broccoli Salad for lunch and searched for a quick, basic meat I could have with it.  I found these Chicken Meatballs in my freezer and decided they were perfect, with only 2 carbs per 3-meatball serving.  After thawing them, I did a quick run in the microwave.  They were a good side to the broccoli salad and had a good but strong flavor.  Online reviews mentioned a bunch of gristle but I only found one little piece I spit out of the whole batch.  For me, the down side is I was still tasting them the rest of the evening.



I went to walk and decided to try a new chicken place near us for dinner, it just opened a few weeks ago.  I ordered a 10-piece mix meal, since that’s easy to peal the skin off and avoid the bread. I got okra (for my brother) and green beans as the sides – perfect.  I arrived home to find a box of tenders, not easy to peal, and french fries instead of green beans.  Absolutely every item I got was carb-loaded and, left with the decision of eating it or throwing it away and eating something else, I decided I would at least try to enjoy it and threw in some Whataburger ketchup as well (I can’t waste money like that).  I ended up miserable in addition to being very upset since everything was so heavy.  If I ever order from there again, I’ll definitely be going inside and checking things before I leave.