June 9, 2017


I worked in the office today but still found time to blend up a BulletProof Coffee, this time with Hazelnut flavoring.  It rained the whole way in so I had plenty of time to drink it all be be caffeinated by the time I arrived.



As I was leaving this morning, I grabbed the first tupperware out of my freezer and it turned out to be meatloaf, made with pork rinds and parmesan instead of the usual bread crumbs or oatmeal.  I also had a diet soda to keep the caffeine going.



Mid-afternoon I had an energy drink.  I feel like I ate something but can’t remember what it would’ve been.



After work I went out to a “Stoplight” party, which is basically happy hour.  I did well and had two vodka and diet cokes, keeping the carbs down.  I stopped at In&Out on the way home and ordered an “Animal Style” thinking it was their “Protein Style”, which is lettuce wrapped.  We mainly do Whataburger here in TX so I’d only been once before but had heard of it.  I didn’t have any utensils and it was a bit messy so I just had it with the bun.  Lessons learned.


Snack Pt. 2

After arriving home and unwinding, I did also have a bit of Lily’s chocolate.