July 17, 2017 Food Log


I came into the office today and enjoyed some BulletProof coffee once I arrived.  I’d have enjoyed it on the way but it leaked all over me instead.  Luckily I was able to drink most of it and it filled me well into the afternoon (the 10am start helped too).




I brought in my final freezer meal, another Cauliflower Fried Rice.  I didn’t eat it until around 3 but it was still delicious and filling.  I really enjoy these Core waters as well, they are Erythritol sweetened so they are sweet an



Since I didn’t start work until almost 10am, that meant staying until after 6pm, so by late afternoon I was a little hungry again.  I ate the stick of cheese I had brought with me.  I also refilled my sugar-free candy tray and just had to get a serving of the Chick-O-Stick candies.  They’re not the right consistency as regular ones but still pretty good.




The reason for going in late and working late is that I was able to go straight to a Bar/Grill for Bingo Night.  I didn’t win anything but I did have a lot of fun and ate these chicken skewers with lots of veggies.  Oh, and a Long Island Tea.  The tea said it did include coke, so it was probably more carbs than the version I found but most ones I found were 0 carbs.




Since I drove in, and was pretty busy, my steps weren’t as good as a usual go-into-work day.  My new policy of going up a floor to use the restroom is helping though, as I got in three floors.  I also try to walk the long way around when I do get up, but I have to get up first for that to work.

Besides that, my total carbs came in at 34g, which isn’t too bad considering it almost all came from vegetables.  That’s where the 16g of fiber come in as well, bringing my net carbs to only 18, yay.




Weight progress:

I forgot to weigh yesterday, with shopping planning and the surprise breakfast, so I weighed today.  I’m back under 220, so I’m really happy about that.  There is typically a woosh the week or two after switching to low carb as the carbs and such leave the body so I wasn’t terribly surprised but still happy.  Here’s hoping the progress continues.