July 18, 2017 Food Log


I started the day with a batch of scrambled eggs and some sausage, slightly burnt.  A good start at only 2 total carbs, from the sausage.



I didn’t actually eat until after I was off work but I did have a little peanut before switching to outside chores and making dinner.  I was mostly proud that I did restrain myself to only two servings of the peanut butter, usually I just eat some and then guess but this time I worked to scoop out one TB at a time and take my time with it.  This is an earlier pic but basically the same thing besides the flavor of water.






It took forever but I managed to complete two recipes for dinner.  This is the second time I’ve made the Bacon Cheddar Broccoli Salad and I really like it.  My brother liked it this time too, as I steamed the broccoli a bit more and it was tenderer.  Cutting down all the broccoli into such small pieces, though, is very time consuming and I suggest doing that the day before, as the rest goes quick.  I also made some Beef Stroganoff, involving more cutting, of the beef.  I added a little xantham gum to thicken the sauce, rather than wait for it to boil out but followed the recipe otherwise.  It came out pretty good other than the meat being tough, which is the main reason I don’t usually do beef other than ground.




The hard work paid off as my ratios are all pretty close to ideal.  My total carbs are at 27g, minus the 8g of fiber leaves me with 19g net carbs.  I did just pull the Stroganoff recipe out of MFP, rather than using the actual ingredients, so it’s possible that my counts are a little off but likely not by much.  I was surprised at hitting 30min of activity, it must’ve been all that chopping.  My steps were pretty good for a day at home though, due to the yard watering and moving the hose.