July 19, 2017 Food Log


I started my day with BulletProof Coffee, this time with English Toffee sugar free syrup to sweeten and flavor.  My small mug was in the wash and I discovered the large one has a crack, so I had to pour it into this shaker bottle and make due.  It still tasted good but the fats don’t mix in as well.




I had breakfast late, around 10, and wasn’t hungry until late afternoon.  Work was super busy so I didn’t have a chance to make anything until I got off at 3:30.  I put some slices of cheese on to bake and mixed up this tuna salad, just tuna, mayo, relish, and egg.  I went for a walk to decompress and let the cheese crisp and tuna chill.  I ate all the cheese chips but only half of the tuna salad, so I have the other half for later this week.




My Keto Krate came in, so I had to try something from it.  I went with these Peanut Butter Cookies by Fat Snax, for only 1 net carb per cookie.  Nothing compares to regular cookies but they were edible, with a decent flavor.




I think this is my lowest carb day in recent weeks, with only 8 total carbs, four of which were fiber, leaving only 4 net carbs.  My fat was a little low, surprising with the butter and mayo, but overall my ratios were good.  My steps were excellent for a work from home day, mostly due to the walk I went for after work.  Hopefully tomorrow comes out as good as today.