July Keto Krate

Christmas in July!  My Keto Krate arrived today and it’s always a highlight of my month, with so many new low carb options to explore.  The hard part is always deciding what to try first, or not trying it all at once.

All of the included products, along with some basic info is listed below, along with my initial thoughts, and I’ll add in reviews as I try each item.



Fat Snax – Peanut Butter Cookies

6 total carbs – 2 fat and 3 sugar alcohols = 1 net carb per cookie (2 cookies per package)

These look really good and I selected them as the first item to try.  Peanut Butter have always been my favorite type of cookie, although I would usually eat half the dough before cooking.  They’re also fairly high in fat, thus the name, with 9g, so they should be filling.

My expectations may have been too high, as nothing compares to real cookies.  These were not as light as I would hope but were nice and soft.  They were not as sweet as normal cookies and the peanut butter flavor could have been stronger.  Also, some of the peanut bits were salty, which some might like but was a little odd to me for a cookie.  TL:DR – I’d eat them again but probably won’t purchase any.



Keto Brownie – Chocolate Almond Crunch

20 total carbs – 16 fiber = 4 net carbs

These also look really good and the main ingredient is almond butter, which I do like and increases my hopes for this.  The summary states there are no GMO’s or sugar alcohols, which is good if those don’t agree with you.  I didn’t select it as my first as the name of “Nutrition Bar” makes it sound more like a meal replacement than a dessert and I’d already had dinner.  I’m typically disappointed by “protein bars” so I’m hoping this turns out well.

This was okay, more dark-chocolaty than I expected.  It had occasional chunks for texture, which was nice.  It was a little oily but not too bad.  I ate mine with some peanut butter and it was pretty good that way.


Quest Nutrition – Chocolate Cereal Bar

17 total carbs – 7 fiber & 8 Allulose = 2 net carbs

This the the third crate in a row that included one of these cereal protein bars, one of each flavor, and I’m not mad.  I bought a whole batch of these after the first one so I’ve already tried this and know it’s pretty good, as are the other flavors.  This is actually one of the only protein bars I’ve enjoyed eating and would buy again, rather than just getting through; the cereal texture really makes a difference.

I had this with some peanut butter too, lol.  I still really like these new Quest Cereal bars.  They are a bit on the sweet side but have really great flavor and a completely different texture than typical protein bars.  These are much more reminiscent of actual cereal/breakfast bars.



Limited Labs – Strawberry Lemonade Sports Drink

0 total carbs so 0 net carbs

The description states this is “The first ready-to-drink form of exogenous ketones” and suggests drinking it in the morning, before or during training, or when you need to focus.  The bottle also suggest drinking before a workout.  It also says this drink will help you get back into ketosis.  I went ahead and threw it into the fridge and am excited about the flavor, it sounds like it’ll taste good.  I might save for next time I cheat and need to get back at it.

This came in handy as I had a carby day last Sunday when my brother ordered pizza.  I had this as a mid-morning drink on Monday.  The flavor is good but strong, to where I made a face and shook my head on the first few sips.  I poured about half a cup of water into mine and that helped a lot.  This followed some BPC so it didn’t sit well on the otherwise empty stomach but it was okay.  No weird grainy or powdery mouth-feel to it.



Keto Love – Carrot Cake Almond Butter

8 total carbs – 4 fiber = 4 net carbs

This sounds delicious and I definitely need to get a low carb bagel out of the freezer to try it on.  The description says this brand, started by two sisters, has a variety of nut-based, keto friendly products so that is a website I’ll be checking out.



DiMario Foods – Garlic and Fennel Pork Stick

1 total carb – no fiber or SA = 1 net carb

While an interesting sounding flavor, I’ve never been a huge fan of beef sticks.  These sound good though and I’ll definitely give it a shot.



SuperPowered Nutrition – Original Steak Strip

1 total carb – no fiber or SA = 1 net carb

The description on these say they’re similar to jerky but more tender.  I’m super excited as I do like jerky and tender jerky sounds awesome.  I’d be happier if I’d received the “original” flavor though – mine was “Spirit Fire (Jalapeno)) and spicy and I don’t get along with spicy.  I’ll still have to try it though.



Pizootz – Bay Spice Peanuts

7.25 total carbs – 2.9 fiber = 4.35 net carbs (the whole bag is one serving and is a good size)

I’ve received these once before, a different flavor, and still haven’t opened them.  I’m not much of a peanut eater (despite the peanut butter addiction) and flavored ones don’t help, unless it’s honey roasted.  I’ll work to give these a shot as I’m curious what flavor Bay Spice really is.



Front Porch Pecans – Habanero BBQ Pecans

4 total carbs – 3 fiber = 1 net carb for 14 pieces (4 servings in the bag)

I received these in a prior krate as well, but just salted.  They were delicious and I think I ate the whole thing over two days.  I’ll probably try these but won’t get far due to the habanero flavor and my aversion to spicy foods.  I’ll definitely use the coupon code to purchase some other flavors though.



The insert with descriptions and info:


I like that they’re now including just a general low carb recipe, instead of trying to incorporate one of the krate items.



I noticed this nutrition label on the back of the box and thought it was cute.