July 24, 2017 Food Log


I didn’t get much sleep last night so the day started with a BulletProof Coffee, extra strong, with Hazelnut syrup, sugar free.




I received this drink in my recent Keto Krate and it is supposed to help you get back into ketosis.  Since I had pizza etc. yesterday, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to try it.  I thought the flavor was good but a bit strong, which adding water helped with.  It didn’t sit well after I drank it, possibly due to being on an empty stomach other than the BPC, which is mostly fats.



I brought leftover Beef Stroganoff as my lunch, together with more caffeine.  It reheated pretty well although I can only tell there are onions in it because I know I added them.



I got home somewhat late and wasn’t that hungry or interested in making anything, so I grabbed this protein bar, which came in  last Keto Krate.  It had a strong dark chocolate flavor, so I decided to eat it with peanut butter to help cut it, and add to my protein.  The two were pretty good together.




My carbs are pretty high today, seeing as everything I had was low in carbs until the end, when I got lazy, lol.  My two highest carb items were the protein bar and the peanut butter.  Luckily they were also both high in fiber, so the net carbs only come to 23, which isn’t bad.  There may be some sugar alcohols in that as well.

My steps were pretty good since I walked around downtown for a couple of hours when I got off work.